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El Shaddai would not stand by and watch the enemies of Yeshua desecrate his body after the appointed three days in the tomb. He caused the Earthly end of the worm-hole to Barbelo to be located inside the sealed tomb, and allowed the waters of the Sacred Pool in Hamar to flood it.

Two Issacharites dove into the Pool to retrieve the body, and when it had been taken to Canterwood many of the Issacharites wept, for Yeshua had been wiped off the face of the Earth like only the Romans could do it, and the body was almost unrecognizable. With all the dignity they could summon, an Issacharite priest of Bat-El used the Golden Gift to consume the body of Yeshua until it was no more.

After the three days had passed, the enemies of Yeshua were satisfied they had thwarted any possibility that his followers might rally around an empty tomb and form the nucleus of a messianic cult. They rolled away the stone so they could move Yeshua’s body from its temporary place in the tomb of Yosef of Arimathea and bury it in some more permanent but unmarked place. And there was nothing inside but a foot of water.

The superstitious Romans fled in great fear, and none of the priests and scribes would speak about what happened, nor did they tell Pilate that his soldiers had shirked their duty and run away. Petronius reported to Pilate that the Jewish elders were satisfied with the procedure and had taken the body of Yeshua away themselves. And Petronius ordered his soldiers to forget what they had seen.

From the first moments of her existence, the living sun Bat-El experienced things no Eloah had ever been subjected to over the whole history of her race, which extends back for billions of years. No Eloah had ever been conceived inside the body of her mother. No Eloah had ever dared to cut the line of communication with her own father as Bat-El had done at her mother’s request. No Eloah had a direct means of communication that Bat-El enjoyed by sharing a single sun’s body with El Shaddai.

And while El Shaddai and Mastema had taken possession of planet-dwellers as Bat-El had done with Yeshua, only Bat-El’s human avatar had experienced a death so wretched, so agonizing that in combination with all the other factors it drop-kicked Bat-El to a whole new plateau of ability. Not even her mother would ever duplicate the power that Bat-El discovered she suddenly had in the wake of the crucifixion.

It is a universal law of reality that there is no crown without suffering. What suffering, and what a crown! Bat-El found that she knew the whole panoply of her future as readily as any other sentient being could remember his or her own past.

At first Bat-El was excited to tell her mother of this new ability, for it seemed it could be turned into an invincible weapon to use against Mastema, but as she scanned her future history she reached a blind wall just a little over two thousand years along the time-line. And the only clue she had as to the cause was that Bat-El knew both she and her mother would suddenly take ill a few years before hitting that wall, and together grow progressively worse until the end. Bat-El hadn’t thought it possible that Elohim could get sick, at least until they were very old. And by old, she was thinking of billions, or even trillions of years.

El Shaddai suspected that somehow, in about two thousand years, Mastema would contrive a way to kill them. And this was puzzling, because 40,000 years of real space separated Sol from the K-Class star that was the body of Mastema.

Bat-El did not foresee that they would succeed in reaching contact with El, the greater community of Elohim before they reached that black curtain of oblivion. She almost slipped into despair, but then Bat-El realized that her view of space had been greatly enriched by adding the dimension of time. Her mother could locate the mouth of a fold-door anywhere in the Solar System, but she couldn’t really see it the way Bat-El now saw it. Bat-El discovered that she could put her end of the worm-tunnel anywhere she wanted in time as well as space, so long as it didn’t extend beyond the blank walls that marked her birth and her death.

They decided to try an experiment. Talishi flew in her avatar from the Castle Brys on Sealiah Island to Hamar, then took the passage from the Sacred Pool to Earth to a place where she could prepare herself in the attire of a female servant. Then she summoned the end of a fold-door and crawled inside.

Bat-El located the other end of the fold-door in the house of the high priest Yosef Caiaphas during the fifth trial of Yeshua. Talishi found she was able to move about at will, because her status as a servant made her almost invisible to the men of power. Only her very light skin and white hair drew some attention.

As she moved toward the chamber where they were questioning Yeshua she recognized the man Yeshua had called his chief disciple, Shimon the son of Yona. Talishi said, “I know you, sir! I saw you with Yeshua!” And this was absolutely true, because Talishi, as El Shaddai, had access to the memories of Bat-El, as Yeshua.

But Shimon grew nervous and declared to the woman who was really his own God, “I tell you I do not know the man!”

Talishi smiled at him warmly, having forgiven Shimon on the spot.

In the largest room of the house Caiaphas put Yeshua under oath by the living God and asked him straight out if he asserted to be divine. And Yeshua, thinking that he needed to move things along, said, “Henceforth you shall see me seated at the right hand of God.”

Then Caiaphas rent his robe and said, “The charge of blasphemy is proven! This man deserves to die! But we have no authority to execute Yeshua. We must bring him again before Pilate in the morning.”

Talishi entered the chamber and moved to stand at Yeshua’s left side, placing him to her right. She said in the loudest voice she could muster, “Behold my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased!”

And within the blink of an eye they were both gone, leaving a spherical hole in the intricately tiled floor of the chamber.

By making this change, Bat-El saw that Talishi had caused all of reality to fork. There was universe Alpha, the one where she as Yeshua had been crucified, and there was universe Beta, the one where Yeshua and Talishi had disappeared before the very eyes of the Sanhedrin in the house of Caiaphas. Bat-El could see both forks, and she could place the end of a worm-hole in either one.

Bat-El opened a fold-door in the empty tomb in Universe Alpha.

Early in the morning, after the sun had risen, Miriam of Magdalena, who had been the lover and closest female follower of Yeshua, took with her Miriam the mother of Yeshua, and also Yeshua’s sister Salome. They came to the sepulchre where Yeshua had been laid by his enemies.

And Yeshua’s girlfriend said to his mother and sister, “Although we could not openly weep and lament on that day when Yeshua was crucified, let us now do so at his tomb.”

Salome said, “But who will roll away for us the stone also that is set on the entrance of the sepulchre, that we may go in and sit beside him and anoint my brother’s body?”

Her mother said, “If we cannot do so, let us at least put down at the entrance what we brought as a memorial for him, and let us weep and lament until we have gone home again.”

So they went, but they found the sepulchre opened. And they came near, stooped down, and found Talishi there sitting in the midst of the sepulchre. Talishi said to them, “Why are you come? Who do you seek?”

Mariam of Magdalena said, “We seek he who was crucified. Please, if you have taken his body away, where have you taken him?”

Talishi said, “You will not find Yeshua, nor has anyone taken him, for he is risen by the power of El Shaddai and has gone. But in the city seek out Shimon who is called Kephas, and the other followers of Yeshua, and he will appear to you there.”

The women fled in much confusion and returned to the city.

And at this time the eleven remaining disciples of Yeshua hid themselves in the room where they had shared the first Banquet of God with him, and the door was locked, because they were filled with great fear on account of the Jews.

Miriam of Magdelena came to them, gave the special knocking sign, and was admitted into the room with them. And she said to Kephas, “I have been to the sepulchre where they buried the Lord. He is no longer there!”

And the disciples began to debate among themselves what this news meant.

Then a worm tunnel appeared in the midst of the room, but there was no flood of water, because it was possible for Bat-El and El Shaddai to open a tunnel between any two points on Earth. Yeshua floated through it, and the tunnel disappeared again. Yeshua stood among them, and greeted them with great joy, but they could hardly believe their eyes. And Yeshua said, “The peace of El Shaddai be with you.”

But they were very frightened, because they thought he was a ghost. So Yeshua said, “Do not be afraid! Look at my body and see that it is truly myself. Touch me and see, for a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see me have.”

But he had no holes in his hands or feet, nor scars from the Roman whip, and some of the followers did not believe it was he. So Yeshua told them certain things they had once shared that only the disciples would know. Then they acknowledged it was indeed Yeshua, but they still thought he must be a ghost. So Yeshua asked for something to eat. They gave him a piece of broiled fish, and Yeshua took it and ate it in their presence to prove he was not a spirit.

Then Simon Peter came to full belief, and regretted fleeing from Yeshua’s side in his darkest hour and denying that he knew him when he was in the house of Caiaphas. He sank to his knees and said, “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man!”

Yeshua assured Simon he was already forgiven, and he said, “Indeed, soon I will depart from all of you, and return to El Shaddai, but you are eyewitness of all these things. Now you are no longer disciples but my apostles. I will send you forth to preach the forgiveness of sins and to bring the Banquet of God to all the nations of the world, beginning here in Jerusalem.”

And he took them out of the city as far as Bethany, and the tunnel appeared again beside him. Yeshua withdrew from them and entered the globe, and the globe was lifted into the sky, and they watched it until they could see it no more.

After that the apostles returned to Jerusalem to begin the work that Yeshua had trained them to do with much prayer and thanksgiving, and ever they came together to eat the memorial feast established by Yeshua on the evening he was arrested. And they had no more fear of the Jews, for their master had suffered the most cruel death men could devise, yet he was risen to a second life, and for those who were baptized and came to believe, the same was promised to them.

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