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BPA: Every million years or so a new volcano burned its way up into one of the two ice sheets of Heaven and broke through. And the ice sheets were always in motion, even if only a few inches every year. For as long as the volcano was active, the moving ice gave way around it.

BPB: When the volcano grew dormant, the ice sheets whittled away at its flanks until only the stony central plug remained, and the exposed land was closed up once more. In all of Heaven, only the land of Anshar remained free of ice outside of the equatorial belt.

BPC: Anshar may have been free of ice, yet it remained bitterly cold, much more so than Lilith and Samael were prepared to endure with the raiment they presently wore. Lilith broke into a sprint toward Michael's home across the stony plain and Samael followed at the same pace.

BPD: So Lord Samael was come to the stone dwelling of Michael for the first time. There was much glass, yet natural heating from geothermal features ensured it remained comfortably warm indoors. Leliel, just four years of age, touched the back of Samael's hand to har forehead.

BPE: 'Leliel!' said Michael, sharply. 'That is Samael. Show us how you greet a Seraph.'

Leliel released Samael's hand as though it had burned har own and moved back a few steps. Then sha sank to one knee and all the while kept har eyes on the floor.

'Very good, Leliel.'

BPF: Lilith picked Leliel up and kissed har. 'Wait for me in the kitchen baby doll.'

Samael watched har leave, then caught Michael's eye. 'Your daughter.'

'Sha knew who you were, just not the proper etiquette. Then Michael and Lilith embraced for a kiss of their own.

BPG: Samael watched their display of affection with disgust until Lilith broke it off and followed Leliel toward the kitchen.

'Don't you want to tell Michael what we managed to shake out?' hy called after har.

Lilith glanced back. 'Michael is always in contact with me.'

BPH: Lilith resumed walking away and Samael caught Michael's eye. 'Very well, then you tell me what you think Lilith and I conceded to one another so there is no mistake.'

'Sha cut a line on the Bellon frontier,' Michael said. 'Your forces must never ride nor march west of it.

BPI: At the same time Lilith and har Fallen Angels, as well as King Metatron and hyz army, undertake not to march or ride east of the same line. In practical terms, it means that although Lilith is now a Cherub and the queen of Salem, sha can never return to that city and rule.'

BPJ: 'And what of your avatar? prodded Samael.

'Ah yes. My avatar is now reduced to the role of simple transportation, for as long as your dragon Demonstroke, which you and I both know is really a mechanism, is also confined to that role. You chose to make that conditional.

"BPK: 'But please, Samael, be seated wherever you wish. We have further things to discuss as Lilith prepares what might be the last decent meal you and I will both eat for many days.'

'What do you mean last decent meal?'

'I see you have given little thought to this mating.'

BPL: As an eloah I am female and therefore I have not yet experienced intercourse, but I do have access to testimony by way of El Elyon, and no doubt you can confirm, that the experience captures the psyche like no other. Do you see how that will be a big problem in our case?'

BPM: Samael shook hyz head.

'Please, I insist,' said Michael. 'Let us take a seat, and I will explain.'

Samael did so, and as hy was seated hy took his first real good look at the home. 'You have done well for yourself, yet this is still my world. I never conceded this land.'

BPN: 'You have an interesting way of courting a lady, Samael, threatening to take away her house in the opening gambit.'

Listening to Michael refer to hymself (even obliquely) as a lady struck home the ridiculous nature of the whole situation. Samael could not help but laugh.

BPO: Michael guessed why Samuel found it funny and nodded. 'Alone among the elohim you and I and Daat are in union with world-dweller flesh. So what do you think will happen to our angelic bodies, left unattended, while we are fully occupied with our lovemaking as stars?'

BPP: That wiped the smile off Samael's face. Hy said, 'I imagine we would starve.'

'We'd perish for lack of water long before that,' Michael replied. 'Do you tire of that yang's body, Samael? Do you wish to shed your container? I assure you I am not finished with my own.'

BPQ: 'I see you have given this more thought,' Samael admitted. 'I trust you have arranged things so we do not lose our living avatars.'

'Yes, and isn't it a good thing you have ended the war in Heaven to the satisfiction of Lilith? Your life will literally be in har hands.'

BPR: 'And what of you, Michael? What remains to be stipulated before we proceed?'

'You have no need of an avatar to move about Heaven since you and Daat can open a fold-door when you have accumulated sufficient dark light to do so. Soon I will have the power to do this as well.'

BPS: 'In that you are very much mistaken, Michael. Daat can open a fold-door in Heaven because we are a relatively close binary system. But when your daughter comes into existence she will be more distant from Heaven in real space than you are. How could you not know that?'

BPT: And yet,' said Michael, 'you allow me to pass a second bridge between myself and my avatar through the bridge that came into existence when you fathered me, which bypasses real space. In this way I am able to power my avatar with star-stuff when otherwise I could not.

BPU: 'I see. So you stipulate that your soon-to-be daughter should have an avatar in Heaven as well, living or otherwise, such that you both might open fold-doors here and connect them with a fold-space segment, such as I recently did with Daat to come to this place with Lilith.'

BPV: 'Yes, that is the bride price demanded of you, with the additional stipulation that my own presence here in Heaven with avatars is made permanent in a formal way. Heretofore it has only been a side effect of what you dubiously claim to be research into the world-dwellers.'

BPW: 'And what is to prevent you from using your fold-door to send assassins or thieves to my palace in Adan?'

'The word of an eloah prevents it,' Michael said with arched eyebrows, mildly astonished that Samael had made it necessary to say it.

'Yet you insist on formality.'

BPX: Michael briefly allowed an expression of boredom to touch hyz face. Hy said, 'You cannot give something with one hand without taking something with the other. I saw that in your dealings with Lilith. So state your limitations on my fold-doors and we will move forward.'

BPY: Samael said, 'You and our future daughter, our very near-future daughter, are hereafter authorized to maintain avatars in Heaven. However neither you nor she may open a fold-door east of the Wall of God nor west of the bog that marks the frontier between Rammon and Adan.'

BPZ: 'I presume those lines extend north and south to the poles.'

Samael nodded, then hy said with a smirk, 'Yes, but before you ask, I will say this little land is not out of bounds. You can still reach your house. I would not want to my put my lady out of the mood for love.'

BQA: Michael rolled hyz eyes, then said, 'So let me hear it. You have given with one hand. Now what, as is your custom, shall you take with the other?'

Samael laid all mirth aside. Hy said, 'I know your long game is to have these creatures reach the stars since you must not.'

BQB: 'I warned you of that seven thousand years ago,' Michael said. 'You might have have forgotten. But it's not a game, long, short, or otherwise. I could do nothing, and the world-dwellers would, all on their own, reach a nearby star and make themselves known to El Elyon.'

BQC: Yes,' hy replied. 'And as surety against that outcome, whether it is aided by yourself or no, I insist on bringing in my own watchers.'

'I can't believe you are demanding that, Samael. No! I will not have your Eyes of Keter wandering Earth and sabotaging human history.'

BQD: 'Then another place in your vicinity,' suggested Samael. 'Not Earth.'

'There is no place in my system outside of Earth where angels would not die moments after you left them there.'

'For now, perhaps. Your humans are also far from ready to cross to the stars. I can wait.'

BQE: 'You may be waiting for many centuries,' said Michael. 'When you desire a transfer, I will open a fold-door anywhere in my system outside of a sphere that is larger than the orbit of Earth by a factor of four.'

'That is not acceptable. Many bodies may briefly pass nearer.'

BQF: 'Then I will give you access to any object orbiting on an ellipse which is at least four times bigger on the long axis than is the Earth's own ellipse. Yes, by all means let your angels swarm through my system, but they must never draw nearer to Earth than its satellite.'

BQG: 'Is that everything?' Samael asked. 'Are we finished?'

'Just one more thing,' Michael went on. 'We both know you can summon a fold-door every five days because you are a bigger star, while I can do it every six days, and little Daat can only do it every seven days.

BQH: In theory I could open a fold-door for you sixty times in a year. In practice, I refuse to let you monopolize my production of dark light in that manner. So when you send someone through, the next opportunity you will have to do it again is twelve days later, not six.'

BQI: Samael agreed to this, but hy was annoyed hy could not put a like restriction on Michael in reply. They went on to the next step, which was to stuff themselves with a meal prepared by Lilith. Afterward both seraphim would be hydrated and nourished only by intravenous means.

BQJ: When living stars fuck the male literally extends some of his living substance across the shortcut in space-time that bypasses the parsecs of real space separating him from the female. The sensation is ecstatic beyond all reason but it is only available to him by mating.

BQK: For female elohim pleasure comes from her living substance being compressed to accommodate the male, which culminates when their living star-stuff merges to form a third individual. But mating is not the sole means of obtaining this compression. She can indulge herself.

BQL: Put another way, female elohim could masturbate while males could not. Evolution drove this adaption. The female could postpone having intercourse until she found the most suitable mate. Males, in a perpetual state of blue balls, were motivated to make themselves suitable.

BQM: For thousands of years Chokhmah had resorted to this expedient, although never while in union with the seraph Michael, since the activity captured her full attention to the exclusion of attending to the basic needs of living as an angel. But now it was safe to do so.

BQN: Chokhmah did the thing once more and felt the organized living nuclear matter that was herself pile up in density, leaving a large area empty in the thin layer of the core where she existed. At the same time Keter pushed into her as well, unaware of the ongoing sabotage.

BQO: This is what was supposed to happen:

Eight to ten cycles of Keter pushing his substance into Chokhmah over several months, with each cycle culminating in a spherical wave that rang out from the star Sol at the speed of light, seeking a wild F, G, or K sun to germinate.

BQP: This is what happened instead:

One cycle of Keter pushing his living substance into Chokhmah over the course of three weeks, culminating in the germination of his eloah daughter in the habitable layer of Sol that had been emptied out by Chokhmah by pleasuring herself first.

BQQ: The deed was done and Michael, who went into it prepared, was the first to come back to hymself in Anshar. Far away hyz half of the stellar body which hy now shared with a daughter was beginning to transform permanently into male and that brought an abrupt end to the mating.

BQR: Lilith helped Michael remove all the catheters, tubes, and needles, get dressed, then gave hym the first hot, solid food hy had taken in three weeks. Hy was pleased to find hy suffered no bedsores. Lilith and Leliel had done well in repositioning hyz body during the coma.

BQS: Michael still had his commitment to bring Samael through the coma as well, but only to the point where hy could recover on hyz own. Keter was beginning to realize what had happened and grew more wroth by the moment. The anger would carry through to Samael when hy awoke.

BQT: When Samael woke hy would find hyz garments cleaned and folded neatly by hyz bed, lukewarm chicken, rice, and greens, plus hot ground outside where Michael, Lilith, and Leliel had moments just before made their exit to the land of Rammon by means of the avatar of Chokhmah.

BQU: During the following year Chokhmah's offspring (whom he named Binah in sounds intelligible to Lilith and Leliel) grew in awareness as a newborn eloah. Mother and daughter shared a single body and Chokhmah had never heard of a similar situation in all of the lore of El Elyon.

BQV: Chokhmah learned she could communicate with Binah through direct physical contact in a way that was fundamentally different from the way Keter must do so through a fold-line. Binah could never sever the bridge to har father, but she did ensure that no information was passed.

BQW: It was Chokhmah's first real victory. The harem scheme of Keter and Daat had come to an abrupt end, at least on the branch that ran through Chokhmah. Binah had been conceived with Daat already designated as her future mate, but after Chokhmah's sabotage that was never to be.

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