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ABISHUA (ARG): The son of the high priest Phinehas, born nine generations after Abraham. Chokhmah translated for Abishua the ten imperatives of proto-Sinaitic cuneiform on the tablet of the Abrahamic covenant into the paleo-Hebrew used at the time. Thus the Covenant was renewed.

ADAMU (ABZ): A male human brought through a fold-door from the mountain later named Green Dome in North America. Together with his mate, Adamu was the first to colonize Heaven. The 'garden' he rid of deadly native flora still exists as a park in the heart of the city of Adan.

ADJARA (BHX): A major city in the Kingdom of Nath, in Haaretz, founded by the Levites who had been taken from Samaria in the wake of the Assyrian conquest. It lies midway between Linan and Hadal on the edge of Shaula Wood. The city is the site of the Heavenly temple of Yahwah.

AHAB (AWM): Samarian king, son of Omri, husband of Princess Jezebel of Tyre. Ahab wed Jezebel to seal an alliance with the Phoenician league of far-flung seaport city-states. He aided his wife in the introduction of Baal worship to Israel, provoking the ire of five prophets.

AMRAM (ARB): Son of Kohath, Amram was wed to his aunt, Yochebed. Amram was high priest when the extended clan of Israel became a tribe in its own right, and the people were beginning to make the the slow transition from nomadic tenders of livestock to hill country farmers.

ANDREAS (BUY): A Galilean Jew of the 1st Century, whose name, as was a common custom of that region, was Greek rather than Jewish. With Philippos, he interviewed Yeshua before allowing him to approach Yohanan for baptism. Later, he became St. Andrew, one of the Twelve apostles.

ANGEL (AFG): Modified humans who inhabit Heaven. In genotype they possess a Z sex chromosome in place of the X but are capable of cross-breeding with humans and nephilim. In phenotype angels possess two independent reproductive systems and are much taller than human stock.

ARMAK (BDH): A river born a the foot of the Wall of God in Haaretz, the Armak is backed up behind a man-made dam to form Lake Enkaa. The waters are diverted into many ditches to irrigate farms. It passes Rynet in Alodra before merging with the River Sabik at the capital of Atria.

AX MICROSCOPII (AAW): The body of the living star named Netzach, offspring of Daat and Chesed, located 12.87 light-years from Earth at coordinates -9.9, 0.7, -8.1. It has a luminosity only three percent that of Sol. Netzach in turn was mated with Keter to conceive Malchut.

BARTHULUMAWUS (BUR): One of the twelve apostles of Yeshua, also known as St. Bartholomew. He was one of the four apostles who originally followed Yohanan the Baptizer, along with Philippos, Andreas, and Yudah of Kerioth. Barthulumawus interviewed Yeshua's brother Shimon.

BATTLE OF THE KNOT (AUQ): The final clash of arms in the Adanite civil war. After Lilith demonstrated sha could penetrate Zadkiel's defenses at will, hy held back a third of his forces to protect hyz living shield Michael. Melchiyahu then defeated the Adanite army in detail.

BELPHEGOR (BWQ): A Seraph, the incarnation of Daat in the days of Nebuchadnezzar II, when Lael led a remnant of the southern kingdom of Judah to Heaven. Operational deception by Jashen convinced Belphegor the tablet of the Abrahamic Covenant was of supreme importance to Chokhmah.

BEZALIEL (BAB): An Adanite hashmal who came to lead the Eyes of Keter following the defeat of Zadkiel at Salem in the Battle of the Knot. Where Zadkiel had not shared Keter's cautionary attitude with respect to Lilith, Bezaliel accepted it overmuch, to his fatal detriment.

CLOPAS (BUQ): Hebrew for "exchange" or "replacement". Upon the death of his father Yosef, Shimon began to use this nickname for his new step-father, Hilfai, which itself means "traverse" or "transit", and this is translated Clopas in Hebrew. The pun grieved his mother Miriam.

DIRECTOR (BWW): A golden sphinx that adorns the cover of the Ark of the Abrahamic Covenant. A mechanism within the lid made by Chokhmah in like manner to an avatar is able to turn the Director at the bidding of the eloah to indicate which way the bearers of the Ark should go.

DRAGONTHORN (BGC): An enormous diamond shard fashioned into the likeness of a sword. Too brittle to be an effective weapon, Keter uses controls embedded in the hilt to control his dragon avatar. Signals are transmitted through a fine wire that extends the length of the blade.

ELEAZAR (ARE): Levite high priest, father of Phinehas, son of Aaron, of the seventh generation from Abraham. He built a wooden ark or chest to cover and keep sanctified the tablet of the Covenant, and carried it about with staves assisted by his brothers Nadab, Abihu and Ithamar.

EREL (BXA): An angel of the middle rank of the middle choir, equivalent to a Virtue in the Christian system. In military rank, the erelim correspond to a navy captain or an army colonel. The B'nei Elohim also use the designation of erel for certain nephilim or human members.

GABRIEL SHYBEAR (BXA): Nephil (jen) offspring of Jashen and Leliel. Saxophonist. Spouse of Robyn. As a member of the B'nei Elohim, Gabriel's talent is to hide and retrieve objects in a space-time pocket that is always at hand. Che serves Chokhmah and Binah as their herald.

GERASHDAY (AHG): The fourth day of the five-day Heavenly week, named for the Adanite House of Gerash. On this day, the faithful eat a double portion in preparation for the complete fast of Keterday, and any income earned on Gerashday is set aside for Keter through his priests.

GORDIEL (ATZ): Cherub, King of Salem. Early in hyz reign hy drove a wagon to the top of a hill overlooking the city and fastened it to a tree with a truly elaborate knot. Hy then caused an oracle to proclaim that whoever could untie this knot was destined to rule all of Heaven.

HAARETZ (BDD): [Hebrew = "The Land"]. The land at the foot of the Wall of God in the West Lands, divided from Sastrom to the north by an inlet of Thalury. Beginning in 720 BCE, human colonists from Earth dwelt as neighbors of the nephilim of Alodra and angels of the Saiph League.

HARRAN (AJH): (Ancient: "Carrhae"). A trading outpost at the place where the road from Damascus intercepted the road between Antioch and Ninevah, Harran grew to become a militarily significant city in the Assyrian empire. Melchizedek first encountered Terah and Abram here.

HILFAI (BUW): A widower in Nazareth, scribe of the Pharisees, brother of Yosef, father of Yakob, Yudah, and Miriam. When his brother died in a collapse of scaffolding in Sepphrois, Hilfai married his widowed wife and accepted his four children rather than see them become beggars.

HY (AFC): Together with hym, the subjective personal pronoun used in Heaven for dirks and yeng. For dolls and yen, the equivalent is sha and har. For young nephilim (gists and nubs) and adult nephilim (jan and ambe) the subjective personal pronouns are che and hez in every case.

HYZ (AFB): The possessive personal pronoun used in Heaven for dirks and yeng. For dolls and yen, the equivalent is har, or (as a noun) hars. For young nephilim (gists and nubs) and adult nephilim (jan and ambe) the possessive personal pronoun used is hez in every case.

JASHEN (BXI): Hashmal human, born Shy Bear to Wanica and Yuha of the Kuwapi people. Jashen is wed to the angel Leliel. As a member of the B'nei Elohim, the gift of Jashen is tongues. He serves Chokhmah and Binah as a translator in many times and places in both Heaven and Earth.

JEROBOAM I (AWG): Chief of the tribe of Ephraim in the northern hill country, he declared himself to be the first King of Israel in reaction to Rehoboam declaring himself to be the first King of Judah. He had the better claim: his realm was much more populous than in the south.

LAEL (BGI): A priest of the tribe of Levi dwelling in the city of Adjara in Nath. Lael was designated by the high priest to execute commandments given directly by Chokhmah to bring to Heaven a remnant from the southern kingdom of Judah and to settle them in the north of Haaretz.

LAKE ENKAA (BHV): An artificial reservoir in Haaretz between Mount Fatho and Shaula Wood, backed up behind a massive stonework dam built by the tribe of Gad out of Kabark. The lake overflows into many canals and ditches to irrigate the land for some miles away from its shoreline.

MARSAYAS (BWS): An angel of the House of Larund dwelling in the Saiph League in Haaretz. Hy and six others were commissioned by Belphegor to steal the tablet of the Abrahamic Covenant from Lael's group. They were equipped with cruel sharpened pipes with four twisting channels.

MERCURY (AAE): The innermost world in the Sol system, and the first explored by Chokhmah. It is 3,000 miles across, and varies in distance from the sun from 0.31 to 0.47 AU every 88 days. Surface temperature ranges from -280 °F to 800 °F, but water ice exists at both poles.

PHILIPPOS (BUY): A 1st Century Jew with a Greek name, Philippos of Bethsaida was a disciple of Yohanan the Baptizer until his master was arrested and ultimately executed by Herod Antipas. He then followed Yeshua as one of the Twelve, ultimately becoming known as St. Philip.

PHINEHAS (ARF): Son of Eleazar, Phinehas became high priest during the time when the extended clan of Israel's descendants began to resolve into thirteen tribes. He plated the Ark of the Covenant in gold and concealed it within a tent of animal skins and finely crafted linen.

REBEKAH (AMN): Wife of Yishak and his first cousin once-removed. Melchizedek plied her family with many gifts from the estate of Abraham to perhaps convince her to travel to Beersheba and marry Yishak but she made her decision based on the character of his 'servant' Melchizedek.

RINGHOUSE (BBY): The communal dwelling place of a social unit in much of Rammon, each with about eighty people, located an average of fifteen miles apart, reached by footpaths known only to locals. The ringhouse is surrounded by farms, orchards, gardens, and livestock fields.

ROSH (BGJ): The third son of Lael. After Rosh become high priest and judge upon the death of Lael he deemed that his brother Elam was discontent with the will of God in the matter and divided the office of high priest from judge that Elam might assume leadership of the colony.

RUMBEK (BAV): Capital and chief city of Magodon, seat of the House of Larund in the West Lands. Rumbek is coterminous with the Nine Mile Wall which forms an implacable barrier to the rest of Magodon west of the city. The islets Krone and Fanon link to Seliah Isle over bridges.

SAHARAD (BCB): The capital and largest city in Rammon, situated on both banks where the River Loenna squeezes through a gap in the Coast Range. The river narrows, descends, and becomes whitewater there, but a clever set of stonework locks allows navigation to proceed upriver.

SALOME (BUW): Firstborn of Yosef and Miriam, sister of Yeshua, Shimon, and Yosy, wife of Zebedee, mother of Yakob and Yohanan. One of the two sisters of Yeshua mentioned in Mark 6:3, and his only full-blood sister (the other being Miriam the daughter of his step-father Hilfai) SAMARIA (AWK): The hill country in central Canaan between Galilee and Judea forming the southern half of what was once known as the Northern Kingdom, or the Kingdom of Israel. The capital, also called Samaria, fell to the Assyrian king Sargon in 720 BCE after a three year siege.

SARGON II (AXD):Assyrian king whose reign (722-705 BCE) coincided with the peak of the Assyrian empire's power. He came to power at age 43 and his rule was marked by almost constant warfare. Sargon died putting down a rebellion, but not before completing the conquest of Samaria.

SEA OF ARAMEL (BAN): A body of water in the far west of the Middle Land, with many coves. Salem is built on an isle on its eastern shore. It is fed by the Dashok, which is born of melting ice in a place where the great northern and southern ice sheets of Heaven draw together.

SEPPHORIS (BUN): A city in the Galilee region four miles north of Nazareth. Site of a revolt upon the death of Herod, the inhabitants were sold off as slaves and the city was newly populated with Roman colonists. Herod Antipas renamed it Autocratoris but this never caught on.

SHIMON BEN-YOSEF (BUV): The second son of Yosef and Miriam, brother of Salome, Yeshua, and Yosy, one of the twelve apostles of Yeshua. Later attempts to cast his mother as a perpetual virgin obscured his close kinship with Yeshua. Sometimes he is called Simon the Zealot.

SIMEON (AXD): Descendants of Yakob, a tribe that dwelt in southern Canaan on the border with Egypt. Simeon did not prosper much, and remained aloof from Judah. Intermarriage with Egyptians took its toll. When Lael came to find a remnant to bring to Haaretz none could be found.

SUNSET DISCOURSE (AIF): A sermon delivered by the Seraph Michael, an angel in union with the eloah Chokhmah, at dusk in the city of Salem in the far west of the Middle Land. It is chiefly a series of comparisons between "sha who embraces Chokhmah" and "hy who denies Chokhmah".

WALL OF GOD (BDI): A rift in the Belt of Heaven, west of Thalury, that totals six vertical miles. More frequently, the Wall of God refers to the center zone of these uplands, which, south of Mt. Tureth, is a sheer cliff of stone averaging some ten thousand feet in elevation.

WEST LANDS (AFV): The segment of the belt of Heaven stretching from the Wall of God to the ice barrier west of Salem. They land is named Magodon and is ruled by House Larund, or the Brown Beards, with Rumbek as the capital city. Angels and nephilim are present in equal numbers.

YAKOB BEN-HILFAI (BUV): Eldest son of Hilfai, apprenticed to be a scribe (sofer) under his father. He did not accompany Yeshua in his ministry, but did meet his step-brother alive again after the crucifixion and became a leader of the Way in Jerusalem. Called St. James the Just.

YOSY (BUP): The third son of Yosef and Miriam, brother of Salome, Yeshua, and Shimon. A loyal follower of his brother Yeshua from the very beginning, and one of the Twelve, Yosef Jr. is deeply obscured by the gospels and replaced by Thomas in a bid to depict his mother a virgin.

YUDAH OF KERIOTH (BUM): A disciple of Yohanan the Baptizer who began to follow Yeshua after Yohanan was arrested. Under Yohanan he served as a screener for his baptisms. With Yeshua he was one of the Twelve until he came to see Yeshua as just another fraudulent would-be messiah.

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