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AARON (ARD): Son of Amram. The fifth High Priest of the Abrahamic Covenant. In the Babylonian Captivity scribes redacted existing literature and invented the figure of Moshe. In this tradition, Aaron, as the brother of Moshe, became the first high priest of a second covenant.

ABRAM (AJB): Son of Terah, grazer of livestock, Abram was selected by Melchizedek to take part in the first mutual covenant between elohim and world-dwellers. This was marked by a change of his name to Abraham, and the covenant continues unbroken with many of his descendants.

ADAN (AGX): The homeland of House Gerash, occupying the whole of the Middle Lands. Adan is also the capital city, situated in the highlands of the first colony from Earth. Despite having some of the most fertile land in Heaven, most of the Adanites are occupied producing weapons.

ANSHAR (AGH): A small teardrop shaped area of bedrock in the northern hemisphere of Heaven where the volcano Mount Anshar has burnt through the ice and thermal features keep it clear. It is reached by Chokhmah using his avatar. Angels, nephilim, and men have never discovered it.

ARTIFACT (AIA): Also called Golden Gift, and later, on Earth, copies would be called the Macro, the Artifact is a weapon made by Chokhmah with the size and appearance of the hilt of a blade. Dark energy emerged as a shaft that converted anything it touched into dark matter.

AVATAR (AAA): A device created by an eloah and ejected from his or her stellar body to explore and manipulate objects within that star's system. A fracture in space-time linked to the avatar permits the transfer of information and even part of the eloah's substance as propellant.

B'NEI ELOHIM (AKG): [Hebrew - "Sons of God"]. Angels, nephilim, and humans set aside by Chokhmah to act as his agents and servants, much in the way Keter and Daat expect all planet-dwellers to be, but with enhanced capabilities and a more authentic promise of an afterlife.

CERES (ABC): The largest body in the asteroid belt, a minor planet with an orbit between that of the planets Mars and Jupiter. It is almost exactly proportional in size to Earth's moon as Earth's moon is, in turn, to Earth itself. The surface gravity is roughly 3% of Earth.

CHAVA (ABZ): [Hebrew - "Life"]. A woman of the North American plains taken to Heaven by Keter and Chokhmah as one the first settlers of Adan. The mother of many children including Kayin and Hebel, she outlived her mate Adamu by many years and learned much of the flora of Heaven.

CHESED (AAU): A living star 11.83 light-years from Earth that humans came to call Epsilon Indi. Located at galactic coordinates 7.2, -3.2, and -8.9, Chesed is an orange K class sun with a luminosity is 15 percent of Sol. Chesed mated with Daat and conceived the eloah Netzach.

CHOKHMAH (AAB): [Hebrew - "Wisdom"]. The offspring of Keter and Daat, Chokhmah is the eloah who discovered the Students (humans) on the fifth largest body orbiting himself. He shares the core of Sol with his own daughter, Binah, and was the deity of Abraham and all his progeny.

CREATION LITANY (AFT): A myth describing the origin of Heaven which all Adanite children are taught to memorize from an early age. When Chokhmah first took Michael on a parabolic arc to Anshar she commanded hym to recite the myth to distract hyz mind from the terrifying ordeal.

DAAT (AAM): [Hebrew = "Knowledge"]. An eloah visible as the nearby star Toliman (Alpha Centauri B), with 46 percent of the luminosity of Sol. Daat is the mother of Chokhmah and party to Keter's transgression. The required concealment makes Daat, necessarily, another enemy of man.

EL ELYON (AAN): Thought by Chokhmah at first to be the great deity of elohim, with the First Covenant she learned that El Elyon is actually all of the living stars in the galaxy taken in aggregate, excluding, of course, those who like herself were deliberately kept in isolation.

ELOHIM (AAF): - Main sequence stars of classes K, G, F, and A, with a layer in the core organized into a form of sentient life based on exotic nuclear chemistry. Parents are linked to a child through permanent Einstein-Rosen bridges ('wormholes') with a diameter of atomic scale.

ESAU (AQC): The twin brother of Yakob, son of Yishak, older by moments. Defrauded of his Birthright and his Blessing, Yakob left home in fear of Esau's retaliation, leaving Esau with any material benefits the titles conferred in any event. Later in life the two were reconciled.

FALLEN ANGELS (AGT): Originally a gang of dolls (juvenile yen) operating out of Salem, headed by a rebellious young Lilith, and specializing in petty theft. When Lilith was recalibrated by Michael har Fallen Angels evolved into a regiment-sized set of extraordinary forces.

FIRST COVENANT (ABR): A binding agreement between Keter and Chokhmah. Keter granted access to the lore of El Elyon, but only to listen, never to make a query. Chokhmah agreed never to make contact with another eloah by avatar or by electromagnetic wave or neutrino transmissions.

FOLD-DOOR (ALY): With a massive injection of dark energy, the space-time umbilical between elohim can (briefly) be made wide enough for a planet-dweller to pass through. A person on Earth can cross to Heaven, 4.395 light-years away, as easily as passing from one room to another.

GOPHER WOOD (AEA): From gopher trees native to Heaven, gopher wood is a notably flexible building material. During the Deluge when forty Adanite ships built from gopher wood drifted to a stop and the waters froze around them the vessels were not splintered by the expanding ice.

GORDIAN KNOT: Early in his reign the Cherub Gordiel hitched a wagon to a hilltop tree with a knot so elaborate no one has ever been able to untie it. At that time an oracle said (or maybe was commanded by Gordiel to say) that whoever unraveled this knot would rule all of Heaven.

GREEN DOME (ABS): A small mountain near the intersection of the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming in North America. In 4163 BCE Adamu, Chava, and Kayin were taken to Heaven from Green Dome by way of a fold-door. Chokhmah continued to use the location until the 1940s.

HASHMAL (AHO): An angel of the highest rank in the middle choir. The hashmalim are equivalent to barons and rule small cities or towns and the surrounding lands. As army generals they command a division. At sea they command a squadron of ships in the capacity of admirals.

HEAVEN (ACI): The largest rocky body orbiting Rigilkent, a world three-fourths the diameter of Earth (6,000 miles) that is almost entirely covered in ice. Only a narrow band along the equator remains unfrozen in three strips, separated by borders where the two ice caps merge.

HOD (AAO): (Hebrew - "Splendor"]. The living class M2 star men call Lalande 21185 located 8.312 light years from Earth. The mother of Daat. Hod is open to El Elyon and was a potential channel to leak evidence of Keter's transgression until Daat was brought into the harem scheme.

ISH (AHM): An angel or nephil of the lowest rank in the lowest choir or sphere. In the Adanite army, under the Cupel system of testing, an Ish is the survivor of a trial by personal combat. Hy has the sister of hyz vanquished opponent, as well as hyz own sister, for hyz wives.

JEZEBEL (AWN): As the daughter of the king of Tyre and wife of Samarian king Ahab, Jezebel cemented the alliance between the Northern Kingdom of Israelites and the Phoenicians. Even while Queen, Priestess Jezebel performed the rituals that appeased Baal, the consort of Astarte.

KETER (AAH): [Hebrew - "Crown"]. The offspring of Gevurah and Yesod, Keter is the living sun Rigilkent, also called by Chokhmah "Hasatan" - the adversary of man. Rigilkent exceeds the brilliance of Sol by 157 percent, and is located 4.395 light years away with one major planet.

KIRODIEL (ANW): High Lord Patriarch Kirodiel Gerash, king of the city of Adan during the War in Heaven. Hy was answerable only to Keter himself, whether to his avatar, or later the Seraph Samael. Kirodiel presided over the judgment of Michael and revealed unrelenting prejudice.

KUWAPI (ACT): [Sioux - "The Ones Who Were Chased Out"]. Inhabitants of the high plains of North America forming a group larger than a band, but smaller than a full tribe. The Kuwapi call themselves "The People" and are comprised of assorted offenders from the surrounding tribes.

LACAILLE 9352 (AAZ): A reddish star 10.73 light-years from Earth. The series of generative waves from Chesed and Daat that quickened Netzach also conceived an eloah in the core of this star, but it was stillborn due to the unstable convection dwarf stars use to transfer energy.

LARUND (ADV): Popularly called the Brown Beards, House Larund dwells in the entirety of the West Lands, with their capital at Rumbek. Unlike House Gerash, who are entirely of angelic stock, one-third of House Larund are nephilim, but most of these dwell near the Wall of God.

LEVI (AQY): Third son of Yakob (renamed Israel), who forbade him and all his descendants from possessing land in Canaan, thus cementing their role as priests of Chokhmah among all the children of Israel. For the Israelites, the Levites were a unifying principle of persistence.

LILITH (AGT): Cherubim daughter of King Melchiyahu, queen of Salem in exile upon the death of har brother Melchizedek. Wife of Seraph Michael. Killed at the Nine Mile Wall by Demonstroke. Har second life was in union with Judith Gervasi following the Second World War on Earth.

MALAKIM (AJD): Angels or nephilim of the middle rank in the lowest choir. These are master craftsyeng, veteran soldiers and sailors, or subject matter experts in the main, but they are not considered to be in a leadership role, although some may be groomed to rise higher.

MELCHIYAHU (AGU): King of Salem, son of Gordiel, father of Melchizedek and Lilith. He welcomed Michael to the city and spurned Lord Zadkiel's demand to hand him over to Adan, which eventually led to war. After the victory he gave the hand of his daughter to Michael in marriage.

MELCHIZEDEK (AHR): Ophan, son of King Melchiyahu, brother of Lilith, sent to Earth on three occasions to establish the Abrahamic Covenant for Chokhmah. Elevated to Cherub upon the death of hyz father. Briefly ruled Salem before being struck down by forces commanded by Bezaliel.

MICHAEL (AFF): A young Salemite male who assented to the physical and mental changes by which Chokhmah could achieve union with a planet-dweller, the first of the elohim to do so. Michael became the living avatar of Chokhmah, yet yang and eloah each retain their independent will.

MILKY WAY (ACY): Known by the ancients as the Backbone of the Night, and the Via Lactea by the Romans, the Milky Way is the barred spiral galaxy currently shared by the Elohim and the world-dwellers of Earth plus their colonists. The visible portion is 100,000 light years across.

OPHAN (AGU): An angel of the lowest rank of the highest choir, equivalent to a count or prince. In Christian angelology an ophan is a Throne. Typically, a walled city that is not the capital is ruled by an ophan. On the field ophanim hold authority equivalent to a field marshal.

RAVMALAK (AHN): An angel of the highest rank in the lowest choir, equivalent to a Principality in the hierarchy defined by Thomas Aquinas. In terms of Earthly ranks the ravmalakim are senior enlisted, equivalent to a master chief in the navy, or a master sergeant in the army.

RIGILKENT (ADV): [also "Alpha Centauri A"]. G class main sequence star at galactic coordinates 3.2, -3.1, -0.1. It circles a common point with a companion, Toliman, every eighty years, with a mean separation of 23 AU. The two stars share a swarm of asteroids called the Eggbeater.

SALEM (AFA): A walled city on an isle on the eastern shore of the Sea of Aramel in the far west of the Middle Lands, much similar to Tyre of Earth. Salem was ruled in turn by Gordiel, Melchiyahu, and Melchizedek before being conquered by Samael, driving Queen Lilith into exile.

SECOND COVENANT (AEI): An experiment set up between Keter and Chokhmah to evaluate whether humans are capable of obeying a set of moral and ceremonial precepts without constant 'divine' intervention. The Abrahamic Covenant between Abram of Harran and Chokhmah was the result.

SERAPH (AMF): An angel of the highest rank in the highest choir. The seraphim are essentially living avatars of the elohim. Michael was the first seraph and the only one associated with Chokhmah. Keter has successively taken possession of many angels to rule Heaven directly.

STUDENTS (AAN): Periodically the Elohim discover planet-based life by their modulated electromagnetic radiation. With one exception these have always outside of reach. Elohim constantly watch for the rise of the Students, a new species of planet-based life within their reach.

THALURY (ADW): The largest body of water in Heaven, occupying a third of the East Lands. It is fed from the west by the R. Loenna and from the east by the R. Bandar. Danya is the largest island. It extends from the Northern Ice to the Southern Ice with no land routes around it.

WATCHERS (AGK): Collectively, the elohim have set for themselves a task to watch for the emergence of a species based on quantum electrodynamics rather than quantum chromodynamics like themselves, and prevent them from bringing about their own extinction as others have done.

WORMHOLE (AAB): An Einstein-Rosen bridge, a shortcut in space-time that allows two otherwise distant points to be in proximity to one another. At conception every eloah is linked to her two parents by narrow wormholes. The end-points can be relocated anywhere in a system at will.

YEFEFIAH (ADC): At the age of 980,000 years, the eloah Yefefiah is the oldest living star. He exists in the place where the Scutum-Centaurus arm (ADE) of the Milky Way galaxy intersects the spinning central bar. As part of El Elyon, the City of Stars, he wields much influence.

YIN (AHD): [Plural - Yen] A female angel, differentiated from nephilim and women by having a pair of vaginas and uteri, one above the other, with each set associated with one ovary. Yen are signifcantly taller than human women, typically from seven to seven feet six inches tall.

ZADKIEL (AGZ): As the "Voice of Keter" the Hashmal Zadkiel Gerash was sent to Salem to counter the ministry of Michael and the resultant spreading influence of Chokhmah. He refused to take Keter's admonitions respecting Lilith seriously and was defeated in the Battle of the Knot.

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