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TC1948: Derash put Elam to the most refined torment, but che learned naught of the movements of the Remnant as they were led by Chokhmah himself by means of the Ark. And Jemuel and Rosh led a war party from among the people to assail the camp of Derash and release their brother.

TC1949: And Elam, in vengeance for his pain, put Derash to the sword, and slew also his lieutenant, Hovan son of Bron. Rosh and Jemuel wounded four others, but the unscathed yeng and jan of Derash' force were scattered into the depths of Shaula Wood and came not against them again.

TC1950: But one among them made hez way to the city of Eniph in the Saiph League, and gave report to King Bron that hez son Hovan had been cruelly slain while a helpless captive of a band of nomads that counted a mere dozen men of fighting age

TCXXXX: And Bron was greatly wroth, and mustered .

TC1950: And it came to pass that the Ark of the Covenant led the Remnant across a prairie of scattered oak trees between Adjara and Lake Enkaa, west between Mount Naratha and Mount Linan, and there the graven gold Director began to spin, and Elam called their wanderings to a halt.

TC1951: When the Day of Atonement drew on, King Thausael led a pilgrimmage of many of the people from Hadal as well as others from throughout Nath to be present when made the yearly sacrifice for all the sins of the children of Israel, and perchance also to hear the oracles of God.

TC1952: But King Bron of Eniph in the Saiph League crossed the mouth of the River Sabik

In the battle Bron smote upon King Ravenmaster with many wounds, and the king fainted from the loss of blood and was carried away. After the battle casualties were so high on both sides that Bron ordered his people not to pursue the armies of King Ravenmaster as they withdrew again to the vale of Armak.

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