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During the reign of Jeconiah, Nebuchadnezzar II personally laid siege to Jerusalem. King Jeconiah was frog-marched to Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar looted all the treasures of the temple of Yahweh and deported the army, the craftsmen, and all the leading citizens of Jerusalem.
The poor were allowed to stay behind and work the land. Nebuchadnezzar appointed the uncle of Jeconiah as king and changed his name to Zedekiah. But later Zedekiah also rebelled against Babylon. Then Nebuchadnezzar and his whole army marched to Jerusalem and lay siege.
King Zedekiah attempted to escape the city but he was captured and brought before Nebuchadnezzar. The sons of Zedekiah were slain before his eyes, and after that Zedekiah was made blind, bound in chains, and frog-marched to Babylon. The temple was razed to the ground.
Every house in Jerusalem was destroyed, beginning with the palace of the king. The walls of the city were also torn down and every surviving inhabitant was exiled to Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar had answered Zedekiah's defiance by wiping Judah from the face of the Earth.
Nebuchadnezzar deported fifty thousand Jews to Babylon. Only a very few of the poorest people and a handful of renegade army officers remained behind, hidden in the Judean hills, but these soon fled to Egypt for fear of the Babylonians, leaving the land entirely vacant.
After a time the Babylonian forces withdrew and hill brigands multiplied in their wake. But among the Jewish diaspora in Egypt there appeared a priest Lael of the tribe of Levi who came bearing the Golden Gift and a commission to preserve a remnant from downfallen Judah.
Lael came with his wife Sariah. Elam his eldest son came also with him, and he with his wife Serach. But Lael's second son Jemuel found he a wife named Iscah from among the Judahite refugees, and his third son Rosh married a young woman Sela from the tribe of Benjamin.
Of the tribe of Judah scattered in Egypt did Lael gather to himself Abner and his wife Tabitha, as well as Abner's son Asa and Asa's wife Jemima. Also of the tribe of Judah did Josiah and his wife Keturah join Lael, together with Josiah's son Tobiah and his wife Susanna.
Of the remnants of Benjamin scattered to Egypt in exile there also joined Lael and his group one Zethan with his wife Atara, Jabez and his wife Keziah, as well as Rimon the elder son of Jabez with his wife Dinah, and also Asher the younger son of Jabez with his wife Leah.
And it came to pass that Lael and his followers left Egypt and reached the downfallen southern kingdom in somewhat better time than Moses and his forty years of wandering. Every dwelling had been looted by the Babylonians and later completely cleaned out by thieves from the neighboring kingdoms.
Lael led the way through the charred debris and stone littering Jerusalem until he stood in the place built by Hezekiah that was called the Pool of Siloam. Then Lael descended the underwater stairs until he was completely immersed, and he came not again out of the water.
One by one, Lael's followers overcame their fear and entered the water. When they emerged from the pool again, things had changed. They were surrounded by trees rather than stone. Strangers attended to them with dry linen and new clothing to replace their soaked rags.
When the strangers revealed their Issacharite origin Lael's travelers rejoiced, for they knew them to be fellow children of Israel who had been missing for more than a century. And it was said Yahweh himself had ordained a reflowering of the House of Israel in this place.
On the second day a delegation from the tribe of Asher joined them after a sojourn down the vale of the river Nanki from their city of Alnitar. The Asherites provided shields for the men among the new colonists crafted from the otherworldly trees that grew in the south.
The shields of the Asherites were hard enough to withstand the strokes of any axe or blade and to turn away all arrows, for the trees that had been used to make them could be cut only by fire. Yet the gifts were lighter than ones of comparable size made of bronze or iron.
On the third day men and women of the lost tribe of Zebulun arrived, having paddled downriver from their homes in the city of Eltan. Their boat carried much food, wine, and many small tools and sundry goods as gifts, that Lael's group might begin their colony in Haaretz.
On the morning of the fourth day Lael and his growing group of travelers went east until they reached the river Sabik and made camp. There Hadraniel, king of Hamar, arrived from the city of Menkant to speak with Lael and the king was accompanied by members of his court.
Then Lael's group carefully made a ford of the perilous river Sabik to join Hadraniel. The king commanded his small flock of livestock slaughtered for a feast as the heavenly southern kingdom of Israelites joyfully welcomed the remnant of the earthly southern kingdom.
In the morning King Hadraniel led the group overland and ever higher to a shoulder of Mount Menkant. Here they were met by Naphtalis out of the city of Wazol bearing precious stones for the women and girls traveling with Lael to wear and for the men to later obtain goods.
At dawn on the sixth day King Hadraniel and his entourage took their leave. Lael took his people further east until the Wall of God began to loom over them. They crossed the upper reaches of the river Arhena and entered the land of the tribe of Dan in the kingdom of Nath.
In Fatho the Danites made a gift of much silver and gold, and pack animals to carry them. After giving many thanks Lael turned north and west over the saddle between Mt. Fatho and the Wall of God. His folk were drenched in mist as they passed the famed Hundred Cataracts.
By the evening of the seventh day Lael's travelers reached the city of Kabark, home of the tribe of Gad. The city folk brought forth the bounty of the rich farms of their land which was watered by canals leading from man-made Lake Enkaa like the threads of a spider's web.
At noon on the next day day Lael and the colonists arrived at Enkaa Dam. A delegation of Israelites from the tribe of Reuben met them bearing baskets of delicious fresh fruit of a kind none of the travelers from Judah had ever tasted before, as they were native to heaven.
On the ninth day when Lael reached Adjara Lael's own nephews, cousins to his sons Elam and Jemuel and Rosh, provided more pack animals for their goods, and two of the asses bore sufficient arms for twelve men, lest Lael run afoul of men or nephilim of the House of Bellon.
The Levites of Adjara offered thanksgiving to Yahweh that the children of Israel had been reunited in heaven, yet their joy was tempered by news that Lael had found no living remnant of the tribe of Simeon among the people of the southern kingdom who took refuge in Egypt.
Within the walls of Adjara was the heavenly temple of Yahweh which men of the whole House of Israel had been building for a century. They of Lael's party who had never seen it wept tears of joy at the sight of the new temple mixed tears of lament at the memory of the old.
King Thausael of Hadal arrived with his entourage from among the tribe of Manesseh, and they bore the Ark of the Covenant. The relic had been withdrawn when Chokhmah feared the House of Judah was too weak to protect it from the maruading armies of the Babylonian empire.
And Chokhmah had given commandment that the Ark should pass into the safekeeping of Lael and his sons until the temple was sanctified, that they may both preserve the stone tablet of the Abrahamic covenant and secure the White Scroll of Leliel contained within the chest.
King Thausael laid upon Lael and his three sons a charge to bear the Ark on two gold-plated staves through rings in the side of the artifact. And when they were not actively carrying the Ark they were to set the ends of the staves through four stones pierced with holes.
Every time Lael paused, said King Thausael, the four stones were to be set on pillars of greater stones gathered from the ground around the encampment. The king said the Ark must never touch the ground, and save for the lid the Ark must never be touched by man nor beast.
Then Lael was bid to pass through Eliath Wood to a choice land prepared for him. But Lael would never be abandoned or forgotten, assured King Thausael, for the oracles of Yahweh came only through the Ark, and ever men of the House of Israel would come seeking for them.

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  • KNOT

A0 625 Pharmadigm The Center for Disease Control is called in when a drug trial goes bad.

  • A1 640 Erik When Robyn has a near death experience; her father's death is no longer a mystery.
  • A2 717 Soap Opera Stars It turns out that suns have sex-lives as well as planet-dwellers. Who knew?
  • A3 682 Avatar The eloah named Binah crashes a party at Aramel; and Talishi accepts a ride.
  • A4 641 Jerry's Case A little background on the next test subject; one Jerry Aspin; lately of the Colorado pen.
  • A5 683 Yeshua When the Judge of the dead makes a frowny face; that's not a good thing.
  • A6 683 The Hop Talishi is a brave yin; but a suborbital flight to the far north taxes her limit.
  • A7 731 Chokhmah Chokhmah proposes the first merger between elohim and nephilim; and it's not business.
  • A8 576 Mutation Jill's genetic studies prove the Pharmadigm screw-up can be passed along to her kids.
  • A9 691 Jill's Trip Binah shows Jill the entire universe and requests to have a very small thing...her body.
  • B0 675 Voice of Belial The prophet of Belial is troubled by Talishi's message of peace.
  • B1 768 Sunset Discourse Talishi is invited by King Gordiel to preach in the city of Aramel.
  • B2 603 Rewind Introducing one Lilith Gervasi; English Jew and Holocaust survivor.
  • B3 720 Old One Where Jill turned Binah down; Lilith gladly accepts.
  • B4 600 Disciple Talishi takes Princess Khondiel to be her first student.
  • B5 604 Prosecution Talishi is arrested and put on trial for preaching infidelity to the Law of Belial.
  • B6 676 The Mike Snafu Earl Roland watched the next drug trial himself; and it goes even more horribly wrong.
  • B7 658 Bustout The test subjects begin to make their escape from the Hanford site.
  • B8 574 Defense Khondiel attempts to win freedom for Talishi in a rigged trial.
  • B9 608 Sidebar Talishi makes a bargain with Belial; because Khondiel's life; not her own; is at issue.
  • C0 752 Vernita Bridge Jerry has a new-found talent for avoiding unpleasant law enforcement situations.
  • C1 635 Separate Ways The remaining test subjects split up into two groups to increase their odds of escaping.
  • C2 627 Belial Belial puts on Nephil flesh and gloats; Talishi says Bat-El already did it long ago.
  • C3 677 Khondiel Princess Khondiel and her Fallen Angels are ambushed by the Eyes of Belial.
  • C4 659 Buried Alive Jill and Mike discover their talent in a god-forsaken gravel pit.
  • C5 705 Egress Earl Roland's own lying eyes watch Lilith and Robyn make good their escape.
  • C6 607 Alliance King Gordiel comes to the aid of his daughter and the Fallen Angels.
  • C7 669 The Knot Khondiel impresses Talishi when one of her infamous plans actually works.
  • C8 698 The Swim Jill and Mike go for a late winter river swim; accompanied by bullets.
  • C9 614 The Drive Lilith offers the four others one more chance to turn around.
  • D0 732 House Calls Talishi voyages to House Larund and Antero; seeking aid.
  • D1 700 Truce Queen Firegem calls for a council of Royals in the Land We Know.
  • D2 683 Disposal Dr. Roland loads all the loose ends into a special plane that takes off but doesn't land.
  • D3 545 Sacred Pool Lilith's "Gervasi Crime Family" takes a hike that's out of this world.
  • D4 748 Aramel Belial marches on Aramel with his entire force. Khondiel and Talishi flee west.
  • D5 697 The Dream Princess Kari Stronghammer relates a strange dream to her parent; the king of Menkal.
  • D6 733 Flashback In Reality version 1.0; the Plumbers were not arrested at the Watergate June 17; 1972.
  • D7 688 Four Questions Yeshua Bat-El answers certain questions about the Land We Know; and the women therein.
  • D8 652 The Truth Talishi and Belial visit the West Lands by turns. The king prefers Talishi's language.
  • D9 735 Demonstroke On the nature and origin of the last winged dragon in the Land We Know.
  • E0 682 Yom Kippur North In Reality 1.0 Lilith Gervasi fought on the Syrian front of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War.
  • E1 613 Time to Split The Gervasi crime divides again; this time to entirely different worlds.
  • E2 736 Sealiah War comes at last between House Gerash and House Bellon; with Talishi caught in the middle.
  • E3 613 Council The Council of Royals in Alodra begins with the arrival of the Hamar delegation.
  • E4 671 Yom Kippur South Under an arrogant President Nixon; the Yom Kippur war escalates to World War Three.
  • E5 625 Road Trip Robyn and Lilith head back East on I-90 by car; and find interesting ways to kill time.
  • E6 661 Refugees Belial captures the city of Mandakar as Talishi and Khondiel struggle to escape Sealiah.
  • E7 649 Arrival In the castle of Queen Firegem; more royal delegates arrive.
  • E8 565 Intervention The Watergate break-in takes a completely different turn thanks to Robyn and Lilith.
  • E9 743 The Ride The Gervasi Crime Family crosses the Kingdom of Nath making for the Temple of El Shaddai.
  • F0 698 Rumbek Talishi and Khondiel flee to Rumbek as Sealiah Island falls to House Gerash.
  • F1 665 The Visitors The final delegations of royals arrive in Atria for the Queen's council.
  • F2 600 Reality 2.0 Robyn lays out the changes they wrought by interfering with the Watergate burglary.
  • F3 757 Hadal The Gervasi Crime Family nears the Temple of El Shaddai in Nath.
  • F4 702 Nine Mile Wall Belial gains the upper hand in the battle against the other Houses of Gorpai.
  • F5 691 Testimony The Council convened in Alodra by Queen Firegem begins.
  • F6 697 Cis-Lunar The Gervasi Crime Family meets up again; this time on the Moon.
  • F7 660 Lost Angel Talishi suffers an terrible and eternal loss.
  • F8 611 Luzea The royals have a midday meal and Luzea Cedarbranch incurs the wrath of the Queen.
  • F9 567 Taurus The Gervasi Crime Family get their first look at Taurus City; Selene.
  • G0 573 Interlude Kari Stronghammer confronts Telan Blackseed in his chamber.
  • G1 688 Deviation The Apollo 17 mission goes wildly off-script.
  • G2 708 Retreat Talishi evacuates west with the defeated Houses of Gorpai.
  • G3 649 Apollo Robyn encounters the Apollo 17 crew in the Taurus-Littrow valley.
  • G4 673 Baron Bayard Firegem attempts to "punish" Luzea Cedarbranch; and fails.
  • G5 692 Micro Lilith hires a software guru after interviewing legendary nerds from Reality 2.0
  • G6 674 Stronghammer The Queen proposes a union of kingdoms in the Land We Know to bring about peace.
  • G7 714 Eden As Talishi walks west; she reflects on the real Garden of Eden; which was in Gorpai.
  • G8 723 Ariel Robyn gives birth to Ariel; and Astrodyne gives birth to the Micro.
  • G9 684 Dragonthorn When Lord Blackseed expresses displeasure at the new Union of Kingdoms; Princess Stronghammer breaks protocol.
  • H0 717 Hunky Jill gives birth to a baby dirk; and Astrodyne ships the Micro-75 computer.
  • H1 748 First Deluge Talishi-Chokhmah remembers events that transformed the surface of Gorpai.
  • H2 627 Apostle Lilith attempts to heal a breach in a project that preceded Jerry by many decades.
  • H3 706 Desecration Princess Keri's poor choices reach the light of day; with far-reaching consequences
  • H4 658 Crowded Moon Apollo 18 was five guys instead of just three; and they had to jostle with Russians and Gervasi's folks.
  • H5 747 Second Deluge The final Five Houses emerge intact on Gorpai after a second world-spanning flood.
  • H6 693 Menkal War comes to the Land We Know with an invasion at the Sadl river crossing.
  • H7 689 Viking Carl Sagan tries to explain new images coming from the Viking Orbiter; and the Micro-77 comes out.
  • H8 580 Godspeed Sen. John Glenn and Aleksei Leonov meet up with Jill and Ambe in Taurus City and have a chat.
  • H9 720 Sala Talishi is welcomed by the one House on Gorpai that embraces her teachings.
  • I0 736 Binah's Lab Belial sends Field Marshal Ithuriel through the fold-door to examine Binah's workshop at Proxima.
  • I1 641 Cartel Robyn and Jill get bored; but quickly find something very interesting to do together.
  • I2 701 Charybdis A mysterious and deadly whirlpool appears in the ocean near New Zealand.
  • I3 687 Hybla-Dia With Yeshua in attendance; Talishi offers Belial his pick of one of a pair of her planets
  • I4 731 Conquest Lord Telan Blackseed; despite some setbacks; rapidly conquers most of the kingdom of Menkal.
  • I5 714 Liaison Jerry and Lilith get together; and Astrodyne ships the Micro-79.
  • I6 729 Colony The nephilim of Gorpai begin to move out into the Rigilkent system.
  • I7 728 Nath The war in the Land We Know expands to the kingdom of Nath.
  • I8 728 Brand Lilith gives birth to her own son; Brand; and Astrodyne rolls out the Micro-80
  • I9 701 Eggbeater The nephilim spread out into the great swarm of rocks between Rigilkent and Toliman.
  • J0 637 The Ark Belial is arrested for trying to seize the Ark of El Shaddai
  • J1 606 Monopoly Astrodyne pushes out the Micro-81 and Mark Felton ends up in court
  • J2 637 Shyla & Brand Yeshua rounds up Shyla and her half-brother Brand after they fulfill a task for him
  • J3 699 Lael The first human colonists are sent to the Land We Know.
  • J4 707 Chayn Talishi rounds up Chayn after she delivers horses to the Roshites in Nath.
  • J5 698 Del Lilith rounds up her grandchild Del; a healer of wounded Roshites in Hamar.
  • J6 696 Axis of Evil The Earth delegations arrive at Taurus City
  • J7 728 Victoria Victoria flies over the Land We Know before being summoned to Taurus City
  • J8 712 Possession Hunky talks Chuck into having sex and ends up having Chuck's body...literally.
  • J9 683 Summit Belial opens the Summit by bringing his eternal warfare to an end
  • K0 759 Chayn Hunky adds Chayn to hyz growing collection of Bene Elohim
  • K1 754 World Shaping Lilith begins to describe the terraforming of the worlds of Sol
  • K2 753 Defection Jill confronts har son Hunky; who attempts to possess har
  • K3 720 New Lands Lilith gives the final details of the terraforming program
  • K4 699 Loose Ends The Summit wraps up with a bone tossed to the Americans
  • K5 703 Mother Node The Micro-82 comes out; and changes everything
  • K6 667 Apollyon Hunky meets the son of Emperor Abaddon
  • K7 713 Beaters Gorpai seeds the Toliman system with enemies of Belial
  • K8 0 - -
  • K9 0 - Summit-Belial gives US bots; Mercury crawlers
  • L0 0 - Micro '82; early Beermother tracks recorded.
  • L1 0 - First ships orbit from Gorpai; eight Tradestars constructed
  • L2 0 - Impotent America Entranced LP released
  • L3 0 - Joy possessed by Hunky
  • L4 0 - Entranced concert
  • L5 0 - First Jupiter colonies; four Tradestars built at Jupiter
  • L6 0 - Jerry killed at concert
  • L7 0 - Europa; Lahatiel's family homesteads ice
  • L8 0 - Band arrested at concert; taken to DECON
  • L9 0 - Tanish/Terrel (Lahatiel; raid on homestead)
  • M0 0 - Interrogation of band at DECON
  • M1 0 - White Rock
  • M2 0 - DECON rescue part 1
  • M3 0 - Lahatiel takes Exiler away to save White Rock
  • M4 0 - DECON rescue part 2
  • M5 0 - Punisher incident at White Rock
  • M6 0 - Project Hope. Hunky/Joy issue identified
  • M7 0 - Beater starship gets underway
  • M8 0 - Jerry meets Yeshua on rim of Holy Mountain
  • M9 0 - Lilith tells Belial he's a dead god walking.
  • N0 0 - Lahatiel witnesses Lilith meeting Belial; awarded rank; wives
  • N1 0 - Lilith and Robyn to Mercury; attack bots
  • N2 0 - Lahatiel assembles Exiler crew
  • N3 0 - Lilith and Robyn steal bots; Robyn foresees Lil's death
  • N4 0 - Belial begins work on GIC segments; adding wings to Tradestars
  • N5 0 - Lilith dies in laser hit from Mercury
  • N6 0 - ID Grid moved from Europa orbit (Belial claims it's safer)
  • N7 0 - Robyn to Venus; bot delivered to Mark Felton
  • N8 0 - Exiler long-range combat with Beaters
  • N9 0 - GIC pieces transit LWK to Sol in form of 8 Tradestars
  • O0 0 - Hope taken from Venus to Earth
  • O1 0 - GIC assembled from smaller pieces
  • O2 0 - Victoria recruited to be Hope's mother; then possessed by Hunky-Joy
  • O3 0 - Exiler visits White Rock; Lahatiel turns against Belial
  • O4 0 - Azibeel and Abaddon depart GIC in task force aboard Exiler
  • O5 0 - Hope's childhood in LWK; transfers to Earth.
  • O6 0 - GIC arrives at Mercury; begins to assail Sol
  • O7 0 - Egypt invades Israel; Del reports for duty
  • O8 0 - American ships rendezvous with Belial
  • O9 0 - Del tasked to lead invasion of Egypt
  • P0 0 - Deep space patrol detects Belial's ships
  • P1 0 - Battle of Suez City begins
  • P2 0 - Orbital mines thin out invading ships.
  • P3 0 - Del chewed out by Colonel Adam and sidelined.
  • P4 0 - Dogfight gets Belial's ships in a row.
  • P5 0 - Suez to Galatea. Jill contacts Del; but Del's stuck
  • P6 0 - Taurus defense laster takes out invading ships
  • P7 0 - Avatar takes out Egypt tank columns. Del swims to Galatea
  • P8 0 - Belial takes out last fighter personally
  • P9 0 - Galatea to Deversoir; attack begins
  • Q0 0 - Belial goes cross-country to Taurus City
  • Q1 0 - Del seizes Deversoir
  • Q2 0 - American allies die in bunches on Moon
  • Q3 0 - Del resigns from IDF
  • Q4 0 - Emperor reaches Fortuna rooftoop
  • Q5 0 - Joy aids emperor to find Ark and fold-door tunnel
  • Q6 0 - Abaddon scalded by steam in fight with Gordon
  • Q7 0 - Azibeel; uses Joy as a "hostage" to escape with father
  • Q8 0 - Joy's ship and ID grid destoryed after video of Joy's betrayal
  • Q9 0 - Azibeel limps to Mercury; tracked by Luna
  • R0 0 - Yeshua sends Joy back in time to stay out of trouble
  • R1 0 - Exiler crew assembles at Central after leave
  • R2 0 - Exiler quest commissioned by Yeshua
  • R3 0 - Raziel brieves Exiler crew on Belial's mission to Luna
  • R4 0 - Robyn briefs Exiler crew on Mercury GIC
  • R5 0 - Exiler takes on dependents
  • R6 0 - Exiler departs Central
  • R7 0 - Robyn uses reverse prophesy to tell stories about the LWK
  • R8 0 - Exiler travels to Atria; Alodra
  • R9 0 - Exiler dependents stay with Queen Firegem
  • S0 0 - Robyn departs for Nyduly; will meet Exiler later
  • S1 0 - More dependents stay with the queen
  • S2 0 - Exiler to Toliman; then Minos
  • S3 0 - Spies in Alodra are put to torment and death
  • S4 0 - Criminal released from Rhene prison
  • S5 0 - Eye of Belial sneaks across border
  • S6 0 - Destruction of Iron Dome; rebels crushed
  • S7 0 - Exiler takes Raziel to Palato
  • S8 0 - Raziel updates Belial on events at Selene
  • S9 0 - Raziel has issues with the Eyes of Belial at Palato
  • T0 0 - Exiler departs Palato for Proxima
  • T1 0 - Eye of Belial spy arrives at Palato via worm tunnel
  • T2 0 - Raziel has more issues woth the Eyes of Belial at Palato
  • T3 0 - Royals embark on quest to destroy Demonstroke
  • T4 0 - Victoria drives Hope to school; Mike to pick her up
  • T5 0 - Exiler goes through ID Grid to Proxima; Raziel suicides to protect their secret
  • T6 0 - Robyn abducts Hope from her backyard after school
  • T7 0 - Royals arrive at Glenah by sea
  • T8 0 - Victoria and Mike can't find Hope; call in Deputy
  • T9 0 - Exiler to Proxima Station; bed down for the night
  • U0 0 - Deputy Woody dies in a mine shaft
  • U1 0 - Robyn and Lilith sleep in mine shaft
  • U2 0 - Belial orders ship to Proxima via real space
  • U3 0 - Victoria and Mike follow out false trails
  • U4 0 - Field Marshal Ithuriel outlines FTL principles
  • U5 0 - Robyn tells Hope nothing but the truth
  • U6 0 - Star data given to Exiler; Ithuriel bids farewell
  • U7 0 - Museum of Hitler; Victoria sees aerial photo of footbridge
  • U8 0 - Exiler travels from Proxima to Sol
  • U9 0 - Hope and Robyn reach summit of End Dome Hill
  • V0 0 - Exiler reaches low Earth orbit
  • V1 0 - Mike and Victoria use Sacred Pool to go to the Land We Know
  • V2 0 - Balloon drop to orbit; Hope and Robyn
  • V3 0 - Mike and Victoria join quest; walk to Wazol
  • V4 0 - Exiler evades US laser with chaff; jumps to Venus
  • V5 0 - Wazol to Menkant
  • V6 0 - Freeball game begins; Robyn and Hope sneak off
  • V7 0 - Menkant to Rasal; meet Harek Goldstaff
  • V8 0 - Robyn and Hope search for Ark during Freeball
  • V9 0 - Royals divide up; older ones discontinue quest
  • W0 0 - Civil war comes to Family; Exiler flees station
  • W1 0 - Exiler flees to Mars; Hunky thinks ship destroyed
  • W2 0 - Goldstaff leads party to catwalk
  • W3 0 - Ark and dark blade mated; download to Hope
  • W4 0 - Mike crawls up underground cistern
  • W5 0 - Lilith and Robyn make love for final time aboard Exiler
  • W6 0 - Exiler arrives at GIC; taken aboard
  • W7 0 - Royals traverse catwalk; Victoria saves falling royal
  • W8 0 - Robyn and Lilith assigned housing as dependents
  • W9 0 - Selene fleet arrives at vicinity of Mercury (FTL)
  • X0 0 - Mike relates tale of trip to rim of Holy Mountain
  • X1 0 - Selenites tussle with Belial's fleet
  • X2 0 - Lilith and Robyn search GIC
  • X3 0 - Exiler dispatched to fight Selenites
  • X4 0 - Young royals descend from Holy Mountain
  • X5 0 - Hunky spots Hope and Robyn on camera
  • X6 0 - Selenites attack GIC itself
  • X7 0 - Robyn dies; but saves El Shaddai and Bat-El
  • X8 0 - Young royals arrive at Hadal from rear
  • X9 0 - Lilith captured; taken to CEC
  • Y0 0 - Royals find and awaken Demonstroke
  • Y1 0 - Exiler refuses to return to GIC as ordered
  • Y2 0 - Hunky dies trying to possess Lilith
  • Y3 0 - With little choice; Exiler jumps to FTL blind.
  • Y4 0 - Final Selenite ship destroyed; Belial supreme
  • Y5 0 - Lilith kills Emperor in combat; reveals he is Azibeel
  • Y6 0 - Victoria fights Demonstroke in the air.
  • Y7 0 - Lilith takes command; GIC rigged for FTL...goes directly home
  • Y8 0 - Gorpai's ice melting; mountains are islands; Belial is dead.
  • Y9 0 - Victoria slays Demonstroke; afterlife for all ends
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