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CLI Applications

Remote SSH console applications installed on the Cleanposts server:

abook Address book Access your contact information from any terminal
aewan ASCII Editor Without A Name F1 for drop-down menu
aiksaurus Text-mode thesaurus Example: aiksaurus brutal
alpine Email client
bc Calculator with C syntax define factorial(n) {if (n <= 1) return (n); return (n * factorial(n-1));}
bible Text-mode Bible "bot" See Bible for commands
bwbasic Bywater Basic BASIC interpreter, see bwbasic for commands and functions
calcurse Calendar/appointments See calcurse for detailed help information
dosemu DOS emulator C:\ points to ~/.dosemu/c-drive, D:\ points to /home
dict Console-based dictionary Example: type dict syllogism
finch Instant Messenger client Access AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo! and other IM networks. Alt-Q to quit
freesweep Minesweeper game Use space bar to expose a square
irssi IRC chat client Undernet: /connect Diemen.NL.EU.Undernet.Org
links Text-based web browser Type ESC to see pull-down menu
mathomatic Text-based algebra system Mathomatic for detailed user guide
mc Orthodox (two panel) file manager See mc for more information
nano Text editor Easy to learn, based on the Pine interface
olive RSS news aggregator
sc Text-based spreadsheet See sc for list of commands
wordgrinder Word processor ESC for drop-down menu

Because I am an 1337 h4x0r and don't want to use anything that you n00bs might be able to understand.

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