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IKA: The town of Headwater, true to its name, sits at the source of the Squaw River. Paved road starts there, as does the railroad. No one ever spends the night in Headwater because no one ever passes through. Even the FBI had to crane off a trailer to have a place to sleep.

IKB: The Church had steadily lost adherents since peaking in 1917 but there were still many congregations scattered across America and even some in Europe. When families of the deceased came to Headwater for the Last Rite often the only place for them to stay was the Temple itself.

IKC: The C Wing had six modest rooms which were offered to visiting families for their brief stay of a day or two. Klaus Hansen had never given them much thought. As far as he knew or cared the beds made themselves, so he was startled to find Dory and Gabriel cleaning the rooms.

IKD: "What is this?" he demanded.

"It goes with the position of Extraordinary Lay Minister of the Last Rite," Gabriel replied. "Somebody has to get the rooms ready."

"What's she doing here?"

"Cousin Dory is pitching in."

"I only want to see Red Wingers here on Wednesdays."

IKE: Dory and Gabriel, being Red Wingers both, made as thought to leave, but Klaus said, "Not you, boy."

"I'll pick you up at five, cuz," said Dory on her way out. When sha was out of earshot, Klaus said, "Where's the Golden Gift?"

"It's in the Temple, as we agreed."

IKF: "How do I know that's true?"

"This is the Temple. Liars have no part in the life to come."

"Show it to me."

"Mike told me to only bring it out at need."

"Fuck Mike. You need to show it to me."

Gabriel unlocked a supply room. A red cookie tin sat on a shelf.

IKG: It was empty but Gabriel thought it was perfect. When che reached outside of the universe it always looked like somebody chopped hez hand off with an ax, which would need explaining. Gabriel produced the relic and to Hansen's eyes it looked like che pulled it out of the tin.

IKH: "How do I know that's not just something you whipped up in metal shop and painted gold?"

Gabriel squeezed the relic. The hissing shifted down in pitch as the black rip in reality grew, drinking in the light and air of the room. Hez ponytail tossed in the growing breeze.

IKI: Klaus Hansen had never been so close to the Golden Gift in operation and was entranced with the sheer otherworldliness of it. Gabriel was amazed at hez self-restraint for not slicing the man in half where he stood.

Dory saw the sheriff's deputies smoking and joking outside.

IKJ: "Hello officers," sha said.

"Afternoon, Dory," said Deputy Bill.

Neither he nor Bob could guess why sha was grinning and not even trying to hide it, but sha knew why they were there and what was coming. Meantime sha got into Peter's station wagon, which was har car now.

IKK: Four hundred feet below the temple, on the north side of Green Dome, was Peter's house and that was Dory's too now that he and Jaroah were in Heaven. Hunky and Robyn waited for har there. It was quite a step up from a tree house. They could see the FBI trailer from there.

IKL: Dory drove the '41 Chrysler Town and Country down the icy nine percent grade to har love nest and fell into Hunky's tree limbs.

Robyn rolled her eyes and said, "Could you hold off long enough to drive me down to the library? I want to leave a surprise for Special Agent Felt."

IKM: "Alright, Gabriel," said Hansen when the thrill of the Golden Gift wore off, "put it back in the can and lock this room back up."

IKN: When it was done Klaus told hem to hand over the key and the look on his face seemed to dare hem to show even a twinge of insubordination, but he got nothing. "Who else has a key?"

"Deacon Paul," replied Gabriel. As though summoned by an evil spell Paul Bergin joined them.

IKP: Looking somewhat distraught, he said, "Ruth just phoned. The sheriff and an FBI agent visited our home."

"Let's take this to my office," said Hansen, making a gesture to hush. Klaus took him by the shoulder and led him away so they could speak with more privacy.

IKR: In the office, he asked Paul, "What did Ruth say to get rid of them?"

"Get rid of them? She invited them to come inside!"

"Jesus, Paul, what did she tell them?"

"She didn't tell me that. But she did ask me why the knife block she used this morning was gone."

IKS: "How did you handle that?"

"I said I didn't know anything about it. The knife block is at the landfill and no one will ever find it, but Ruth said she let them take her fingerprints, and that makes me wish the knife was squirrelled away with the clothes and other stuff."

IKT: "What's done is done," Klaus said. "Even if they found the knife and trace it to Ruth, so what? She had no motive to kill the girl. She probably doesn't even know her."

"What if they come here next?"

IKU: "That is a very good question, Paul. So now, I think, is a good time to be out in Headwater tending to the flock as deacons must."

When Paul went out to his parked car he saw the same deputies Dory had greeted only a few minutes earlier, but he did not stop to chat.

IKV: Instead, he tried to get back inside the Temple. Sheriff Roddy Walker and Special Agent Mark Felt intercepted him at the door.

"Sheriff, would you do the honors?"

Roddy said, "Paul Bergin, you are under arrest for the murder of Kimberly Zinter. Hold out your right arm please."

IKW: Paul was too shocked to move, so Roddy grabbed his jacket sleeve, cuffed his bare wrist, then made Paul face the wall. After both arms were cuffed behind Paul's back Roddy patted him down, removed his wallet, and unlatched the carabiner key chain looped to his belt.

IKX: He handed both of these to Felt, then handed Paul himself off to his deputies. "Fingerprints, new home, not a word, boys."

Special Agent in Charge Tolson was just coming up with Agent Sullivan.

"Do we knock?" Felt asked them.

"No need," said Tolson.

IKY: "This is a public house of worship." He pulled the huge doors open.

"Gabriel Shybear," Agent Bill Sullivan said when he saw who was standing inside. Tolson knew who Gabriel was from Sullivan's reports but he had never actually seen hem.

IKZ: "Aren't you supposed to be on some island shooting Japs right now?"

Gabriel shook hez head and dug out hez draft card. "The Army didn't think I was man enough, Special Agent Sullivan. Navy too."

"Gabriel, what are you doing here today of all days?" Roddy asked.

ILA: "I'm here every day now, Sheriff. There's been some changes. I hold an office in the Church. Extraordinary Lay Minister of the Last Rite." Only Felt could find his voice after that news, simply because he missed the import. "We have a warrant to search the Temple."

ILB: Gabriel said, "Uh-oh, I better tell the Prophet," and che jogged backwards up the broad carpeted hall through the center of A Wing, facing the sheriff and the FBI agents, until nearly reaching the drum-shaped Sanctuary in the center of the Temple. Che knocked on one door.

IKC: "Prophet Hansen, some gentlemen are here to see you."

Klaus stepped out of his office, prompting the sheriff to say, "You're the Prophet now? What happened to Peter Twofeathers?"

"I've been given to understand he is dead."

"Not dead," said Gabriel. "He lives in Heaven now."

IKD: "Gabriel, are you talking about another homicide?" asked Roddy.

"No, Peter and his wife volunteered to go. So did the Prophet who came after him, if you think about it."

"Hold your tongue, boy!" blurted Hansen. "No one cares to listen to your addled nonsense!"

IKE: With a sudden, awkward silence, Sheriff Roddy Walker stepped in to make all the required introductions. "Mr. Peter Hansen, this is Special Agent in Charge Clyde Tolson, of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and with him are Special Agents Mark Felt and Bill Sullivan.

IKE: "I need to talk to both of you," said Felt, "but first, we have an order to search the Temple for evidence pertaining to the murder of Kimberly Zinter."

Klaus demanded to see the order and Tolson let him read it. He glanced at the keys in Felt's hand. "Where's Paul?"

IKF: "On his way to county lockup," Roddy said.

"I will hold you fellows to the absolute letter of this search warrant," he said. "You may search only in the rooms which are locked with those keys."

The offices of Klaus and Gabriel were unlocked and so were off-limits.

IKG: But the Bureau agents went through Paul's office like a tornado and yielded a pair of boots in a desk drawer. Roddy bagged them, tagged them, and locked them in his truck. Three other rooms were filled with a great deal of material that appeared to be from an earlier age.

IKH: After a quick glance at the contents the sheriff offered Felt an explanation. "B Wing is set up like a museum of Church history. Or at least it was. This looks like the material that was on display there."

"Only the history of the Kuwapi," Gabriel said. "We're in the New Reich."

IKI: "That's a damned shame," Felt said, holding up a broken arrow. "Some of the relics are damaged."

They moved to the hallway that ran around the circumference of the Sanctuary and did a third of a turn to the right, checking for more locked doors, before entering C Wing.

IKJ: The room that Gabriel and Dory were cleaning was not locked. The other guest rooms were searched and found to be devoid of any evidence.

"What's behind that door?"

"That's a dry hole, Agent Sullivan," said Gabriel.

"It's just my broom closet." Che locked eyes with Klaus.

IKK: Nevertheless, Special Agent Felt found the appropriate key. Like Gabriel said, there was nothing within but cleaning supplies. Felt shook the red cookie tin sitting on a shelf but heard nothing, and opened it to make sure it was empty. Klaus seemed both puzzled and relieved.

IKL: After that the sheriff and three Bureau agents headed down the wide carpeted stairs to the basement cafeteria. The Prophet, lagging behind, asked Gabriel, "How did you know they would search?"

"I didn't know, Mr. Hansen, my newlywed wife did. Robyn knows all, sees all."

IKM: There wasn't much of interest downstairs, which was open and airy, even in the kitchen, but the supply room was locked and everyone gravitated to there.

"Is this the room from your report?" asked Tolson.

"Mecca," Sullivan said.

Tolson gestured for Felt to pop it open.

IKN: Mecca turned out to have the same broken piano, hymnals, mason jars, and stacks of Green Dome coloring books that Gabriel had seen before when he took Robyn and Dory in the supply room.

Bill Sullivan pointed at the plywood board at the back wall. "Flashlights, gentlemen."

IKO: The board was moved aside, and presently the three G-men were standing around the rock cairn that formed the uttermost summit of Green Dome.

Tolson said to Sullivan, "If the kids were in such a hurry to clear out when Paul caught them why are all the stones back in place?"

IKP: "That is a very perceptive question," Sullivan said. He began looking for the easiest stone to move.

Felt didn't like the sudden turn in the murder investigation into an area where he hadn't been briefed. Tolson's agenda was intruding. A stone fell and Tolson went in.

IKQ: Felt heard Tolson utter an oath that was most unbecoming of an FBI agent. After Sullivan ducked inside the cairn items started getting tossed out: a dress, shoes, bloody clothing, rubber gloves. Felt shouted for them to stop but Tolson was frantic. "There's nothing here!"

IKR: After the search under the altar fell through SAiC Tolson left the temple and took Sullivan with him. Special Agent Mark Felt was fine with that. Conflicting agendas were never productive. He helped the sheriff document the evidence that had been tossed out of the cairn.

IKS: That left only the B Wing of the temple to search. It was set up as a historical museum, although under the new management of Prophet Hansen the Kuwapi contribution to the Church of Green Dome had been stripped out. Some of the more valuable pieces were missing entirely.

IKT: Something about B Wing stayed with Mark Felt for the rest of his life. Perhaps it was the variety of genuine articles dating back to the Civil War. Perhaps it was the way Sheriff Walker explained what he was looking at. Agent Felt found the experience profoundly immersive.

IKU: Deacon Paul had nothing to say, and he declined to make his phone call to a lawyer or anyone else. FBI Special Agent Mark Felt was content to let Bergin stew in the county lockup overnight and he called it a day. The sheriff dropped him off at the library on 17th and V.

IKV: When Felt wasn't in counter-surveillance mode he slammed to the full reverse and became a man of precise routine. His ritual at the end of the workday was always to sit in a library, summarize the events of the day, and mail it to Dotty back in DC. Somehow this Robyn knew.

IKW: That day had been more eventful than any since Quantico, and it took Felt longer than usual to summarize events for Dotty on the stationary Robyn had provided. When he was finished, Felt spotted a book on the table with a note taped to it, inked in a neat feminine hand.

IKX: The note said: Dear Special Agent Felt, Well done on the bust, but there were two sets of footprints at the scene of Kim's murder and you've put away the low-hanging fruit. The other fellow is smarter and has (or rather he will have) an unexpected ally within the Bureau.

IKY: Meanwhile, to compensate for the unfortunate renovation of B Wing at the Temple, I bring your attention to this excellent account of the Red Wing's part in the origin of the Church of Green Dome. It might explain the behavior of your supervisor SAC Tolson. Enjoy!

IKZ: Robyn Felt glanced around the library to see if Robyn was watching. How did she know to leave the book at just that table and not another one? The title of the book was "Island in the Sky: The Life of the Kuwapi People" written in 1925 by Jashen Shybear and it was rather thick.

ILA: Opening the book was a mistake. Before he knew it, the librarian came around to inform him the branch was closing and he had made not the slightest effort writing his report to Dotty. He did note the Dewey number on the spine of the book so he could find it again.

ILB: At roughly the same time that evening Dr. Wahkan received an honored guest in his office. The visitor said, "Dory told me you found something on Kim's body and hid it from the FBI."

"Yes, Teacher, certainly," said Dr. Wahkan, and he retrieved a small object from his desk.

ILC: It was rubbery on one side, and looked like one end of the Purple Cable on the other. He gave it to Michael.

Michael asked, "Does anyone know about this?"

"No one saw it, Teacher, and I didn't write it up in a report. Dory was very specific about that."

"Thank you, Doctor.

ILC: This device doesn't really belong in this time and place, you see. It comes from about fifty years from here, after a great many changes that you would find difficult to fathom."

"Teacher, may I ask what it does?" Michael smiled gently. "It has two purposes, Doctor Wahkan.

ILD: This side looks like a big brown mole because that's easier to explain than an electrical connector coming out of your head. But it's also very much like a radio transmitter."

"How wonderful," said Wahkan. "I don't believe I've seen a single tube smaller than that gadget."

ILE: "Yes. Vacuum tubes are useful but in a generation they will seem as quaint as whale oil lamps. I gave Kim this 'gadget' so I could capture all her experiences, even to the very instant of her death. It was a promise I made to her when she agreed to be killed."

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