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By that evening the shock of what had happened to them faded. None of the Brown Beards, if any had survived, crawled up to the plateau to renew their attack. So the three sons of Lael began to dispute which one of they would take up Lael's office of high priest and chief.

Jemuel sank to his knees and said, "O living God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, if you will, make known what man of us shall be high priest and hear your voice on the Day of Atonement." And in reply the graven sphinx decorating the cover of the Ark rotated to face Rosh.

Elam pondered this silently for a time, then said to his younger brother, "God favors you to be the High Priest, that is plain, and so the oracles of God shall be committed to you. But think you strangers will never again attempt to take from us the Ark of the Covenant?"

Rosh shook his head. "Our father Lael was a great prophet and while he was yet alive it was the will of God that the office of high priest and the office of judge should be in the grasp of one man. Yet even our father led us only where the Ark itself marked the way."

Let the offices of priest and judge be carried out by two sons of Lael according to our temperament. I will set foot on the path marked out by the oracle of God, spoken or otherwise, but in all other things, beloved brother, I shall obey as though you were our father.

Then Rosh removed he the cover of the Ark of the Covenant with his bare hands, yet Chokhmah did not smite him. And Rosh took he the White Scroll of Lael to record all the things leading to the death of his father, and wrote that Elam had become their judge and chieftain.

And it came to pass that the Ark led the Remnant west from the Wall of God to the Shaula Wood, but they were tracked by an officer of Belphegor's Extraordinary Force named Derash with a small platoon of lesser soldiers who had been taken to Haaretz by fold-door in pairs.

And Derash gave battle to the Remnant, and brought Elam into captivity, but his nephilim could not seize the Ark, for Rosh had hidden it within a tent that was not discernible from the thirteen identical tents of the people. And men of the Remnant drove the attackers off.

Derash put Elam to the most refined torment, but che learned naught of the movements of the Remnant as they were led by Chokhmah himself by means of the Ark. And Jemuel and Rosh led a war party from among the people to assail the camp of Derash and release their brother.

Elam put Derash to the sword in vengeance for his pain, and slew he also Hovan son of Bron the chieftain of Eniph. Jemuel's party wounded four others, but the unscathed jan and men were scattered into the depths of Shaula Wood and none save Telan Blackseed returned again.

Telan knew no one less than Lord Belphegor sent Derash on his errand, and Telan knew also that Belphegor would demand his own life in recompense should he flee with the faithless others after the errand of Derash failed. Therefore he sought Bron, Hovan's father, in Eniph.

But the Ark of the Covenant led the Remnant through a land of rolling ridges and scattered trees between Adjara and Lake Enkaa, then west between Mount Naratha and Mount Linan, and there the graven gold Director began to spin, and Elam called their wanderings to a halt.

Not many days after Lael’s death in the new colony in Haaretz, about sixteen years after the migration from Judah, Elam and Lemuel were angry with Rosh for the admonitions of their father that came out of Rosh’s mouth at regular intervals. The old man was dead, may he rest in peace, but here was little Rosh spouting Laelisms as though the old man somehow lived on through his third son.

Rosh’s older brothers eventually sought to take his life because they would not have their younger brother rule over them. Before they could carry out this deed, however, Rosh fled into the wilderness with all that would go with him. Rosh took his own family, and also Zethan and his family, and Timon with his family, and Jared his younger brother who was born on Barbelo, and also the sisters of Rosh.

The Benjaminites however remained in the land of Shedal near Glenah Wood. This was the fertile place that Lael’s group had first settled and farmed after crossing to Barbelo from Earth.

A great religious controversy was born in the parting of Rosh that would result in much bloodshed. For Rosh took the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the White Scroll, and the Ark also possessed a kind of director, which was one of the two decorative cherubim on the golden lid of the box. This director pointed to the way they should go and began to spin when they should halt.

The people in Rosh’s group descended from the broad upland around Shedal southwest to Thalury. When they arrived at a point on the coast where much fish could be obtained, the pointer angel on the Ark began to spin in contentment. Rosh called this area Suhair.

They planted seed on the gentle slopes inland from shore and raised flocks of animals on the golden hills that rose north and east of the sea. Rosh also made many blades of bronze, “Lest by any means the Benjaminites should come upon us and destroy us.”

As El Shaddai had foreseen, many people came from elsewhere in Haaretz to approach the Ark of the Covenant. They came to speak directly to El Shaddai and also to receive her commands. Some of these pilgrims were commanded by El Shaddai to remain among the people under Rosh and mingle their blood with the Judahites.

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