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HAA: In 1937 Kim, Sofie, and Dory were twelve, that wonderful last year of their tweens when their bodies were gathering power for the big changes soon to come. They talked about boys in abstract terms that had little to do with the little barbarians that were actual boys.

HAB: In slumber parties the girls practiced necking with each other so long as it was understood that one of the neckers had to be a boy in theory. Sofie Krause "at great personal sacrifice" played the role of beau nine times out of ten, especially when Doriel was up.

HAC: At the Green Dome private school the tight group of girlfriends passed flowery love letters to each other. Girl-love at age twelve is of such a high order that it knows no jealousy. Share and share alike, everything from lunch to little masterpieces of amorous soliloquy.

HAD: Doriel. No last name. Black eyes, long jet black hair tied in the obligatory Church pony tail but with the cutest bangs ever. The first of the three to start growing knockers, Dory was already, at just age twelve, a full six feet tall. Sha was going to be a giantess.

HAE: Dory loved books like The Hobbit and aimed for straight Bs to please har father, who was very often absent, while not appearing too bookish. Dory heard voices. When sha was younger, it was a fun game, but over time Dory came to dislike being a telephone switchboard.

HAF: Eventually, Dory insisted the Voices keep it limited to important calls. Sha enforced this by threatening to keep the Voices up at night with voices of har own. Over time sha learned sha was a member of the B'nei Elohim and sha learned what that really meant.

HAG: Sofie Krause: A tomboy who kept her ash-blond hair short, with no Church-mandated pony tail. When she grew older she was the only girl on the football team. Like Kim and Dory, Sofie was required to wear woolen skirts to class rather than trousers, which always annoyed her.

HAH: One Halloween morning Dory came dressed as a pirate's wench. Sha had ripped har dress into long strips so har pinup-model legs could poke out when sha walked. When Sofie saw that she felt a sweet electric shock and knew she had graduated to full-service tribade.

HAI: Kim wasn't ready to let down her father. So she gritted her teeth, wore the damned pony-tail, and when she ventured outside of Headwater she tried to ignore the comments at the edge of her hearing like, "Oh hey, there goes another Bunner, look at her hair."

HAJ: For science class the teacher paired everyone off as lab partners. Kim ended up with Sofie, and Dory ended up with har cousin Gabriel Shybear. Everyone assumed those two would gravitate together and do the usual Church of Green Dome thing, but that was never to be.

HAK: Sofie kicked Gabriel out of hez seat with "no offense pally" and sent hem shambling towards Kim, an adjustment in the teacher's choice. Che could tell Sofie and Dory were a unit so che grew close to Kim, even holding her hand skating at Lake 13 when it was frozen over.

HAL: By the springtime in 1939 Sofie and Dory were asking if Kim and Gabriel had pitched woo and what it was like. "We did indeed pitch woo," Kim said. "He feels like a rubber wet suit stretched over a suit of armor. Soft on the surface but with a hard core underneath. I like it."

HAM: In the summer of '39 the same Lake 13 was for skinny-dipping and there was no more keeping one of the oldest Red Wing family secrets. Dory already knew, but now Kim and Sofie knew as well that Gabriel Shybear was both a boy and a girl at the same time. And che wasn't unique.

HAN: The four of them stood naked in a square, ten yards out into Lake 13 up to their thighs in cool water with no body modesty at all because they were good friends and nobody else was there. The boy part of Gabriel was doing what fourteen year old boy parts do around girls.

HAO: Kim asked about the one ball, so Gabriel lifted it and showed hez labia majora behind it. "The other ball is inside me, Kim, it's a real ovary. I could get pregnant." Kim glanced at hez small breasts and nipples, which didn't look like they were just for decoration either.

HAP: "Gabriel is what we call a jen," Dory said. "Now take my momma, che's an ambi. The genitals are the other way around. If you told hem to fuck hemself che could literally do it." Gabriel, who heard that joke before, still cracked up. But Kim and Sofie were stunned to silence.

HAR: When Gabriel saw their unbelief che said, "Recall your scripture. Genesis six four. There were giants in the earth in those days. When the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men they bore children to them. The same became the mighty men of old, men of renown."

HAS: Kim processed this, put it together with Gabriel's height of six feet seven, then said, incredulously, "You're saying you're actually one of the nephilim?"

Dory came to the defense of har cousin. "Che's saying we both have copies of our grandparents' Z sex chromosomes.

HAT: "What about you?" Sophie asked, looking at Dory. "You're Gabriel's cousin so why didn't you end up with a dangler?"

"I'm not a nephil, I'm an angel. That's why I'm even taller than Gabriel and I've got two girly bits. A little bit harder to see, but that's why we're here."

HAU: Sha reached down to spread things open for their view. They were not perfectly identical, only the lower set had a urethra. Then Dory looked askance at both of har friends. "None of this should be new to you, Kim. Sofie? Don't you two believe the Book of Green Dome?"

HAV: "Of course I believe all that stuff in the Green Book and the Bible," Kim answered. "God, heaven, miracles, the empty tomb, everyone believes it happened then. But nobody believes it happens now."

"She's right," Sofie said. "Nobody admits it, but she's absolutely right."

HAW: "If you were just talking about the Bible you'd have a point," Gabriel said. "Half the Green Book is corrections to the stories in the Bible. But the new claims in the Book of Green Dome? Everything in there really happened. It's like no other holy text ever written."

HAX: Kim and Sophie accepted this rebuke and nodded their heads silently, unprepared to call their best friends liars. Besides, the evidence was there for them to see between the legs of their friends. Kim turned to Gabriel and asked, "The archangel Gabriel, you're that Gabriel?"

HAY: Dory and Gabriel locked eyes briefly, and Dory chose to speak. "I hate to say there are things we can't tell you, at least not now. I think later you'll understand why we couldn't talk. But I can teach you the proper pronouns for ambe and jan, yen and yeng, men and women."

HAZ: Gabriel, Kim, Sofie and Dory were all firmly middle-class, evidenced by their attendance at the Church's private school. Their parents were sufficiently well-off to provide instruments when they took band class, except Kim's only instrument was her own voice.

HBA: As the 1940s began Kim Zinter was a member of the Green Dome Temple Girl's Choir. She was an expressive mezzo-soprano with a voice that belied her fifteen years and verged on being too breathy and sensuous for spiritual music. Listeners compared her favorably to Peggy Lee.

HBB: Dory played a double-bass standing on an end-pin sha had lengthened to be more comfortable. Sometimes sha set down har French bow and plucked the strings pizzicato with meandering bass lines, a soundtrack to daydreams sha was a black cat slinking around at night.

HBC: Sofie Krause pounded the skins with all the power that made her a formidable offensive guard, yet sha ran effortlessly in and around Dory's machine-like bass, averting expectations and punctuating her licks with sixteenth-note drum fills as endlessly unique as snowflakes.

HBD: Gabriel Shybear had no innate musical talent but che figured that was the reason che was taking band class, after all. After a semester learning scales on a recorder Gabriel took up the saxophone, Kim started dabbling on piano and the kids had a basic jazz combo on their hands.

HBE: Many who knew the details said that Robyn replacing Kim Zinter on keys and vocals in 1943 didn't really count as a change in the band's line-up. Later some even said that when Rebekah Redstar replaced Gabriel Shybear in 1947 that wasn't really a change as well.

HBF: Sophie Krause and Dory Twofeathers formed the constant pulsing heart of the act and performed until the early 21st Century. After Sophie changed her name to just Hunky in 1942 the band would, in fact, be named Hunky-Dory after the rhythm section, much like Fleetwood Mac.

HBG: Beginning in 1945, for every year ending in a 0 or a 5, which they called a Lustrum, the members of Hunky-Dory would drop whatever they were doing, get together, jam in the winter, record in the spring, and tour in the summer. It was a ritual they never allowed to lapse.

HBH: As the 20th Century rolled on Hunky-Dory dabbled with and even gave birth to an astonishing array of musical styles, but not even the Mick Jagger / Keith Richards / Ronnie Wood / Charlie Watts lineup of The Rolling Stones would come close them in terms of sheer longevity.

HBI: Early on the four most powerful B'nei Elohim came to be called simply the Band. The less powerful B'nei Elohim styled themselves Roadies. And the ones who fell under the sway of Rebekah, or the loyal opposition as Robyn charitably called them, were known as the Groupies.

HBJ: In April 1942 word arrived of the Doolittle Raid after five months of unrelenting bad news following Pearl Harbor. In celebration, the conductor of the Green Dome Temple School band class led a recital of patriotic John Philip Sousa marches, attended by half of Headwater.

HBK: For an encore the class tore into a cover of the classic Duke Ellington standard "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" with Kim soloing on vocals, Rebekah Redstar on trombone, and Gabriel on sax. It was the first real triumph of the future Hunky-Dory.

HBL: For Kim the only downside in all this was how her father didn't make the recital despite his solemn promise to do so. She could see her mother sitting out there in the gym and how she kept a seat saved for him, but even to the end of the encore the seat was never filled.

HBM: Erik Zinter didn't come home all that night and even the next morning. In the middle of the school day Kim was pulled out of class by Deacon Paul Bergin and driven home. Paul said nothing but Kim began to cry. He found his way to 1301 "V" Street but Kim didn't get out.

HBN: "Home sweet home," Paul said. Kimberly stared at him through blurry eyes, wondering if he was being callous. Then she did get out of his car and proceeded to walk a block to 1301 "U" Street. Sloppy temple records. And that was how Bergin found out where she really lived.

HBO: Paul choose not to follow. At home Clara paced silently. Kim started crying again in sympathy, pleading for her Mom to speak. After a time Clara looked directly at her daughter, building up the willpower to blurt it out to her, and finally she did: "Your father is dead!"

HBP: They both cried until there was nothing more to give, and even when Kim's eyes were bone dry she was still wracked with sobs that trailed off at length to silent grief. Finally Kim started repeatedly asking her mother why and when she was ready to speak Clara had answers.

HBQ: According to Prophet Peter Two Feathers, Erik Zinter was killed by an ancient relic called the Golden Gift, something Kim and Clara assumed was merely an allegorical literary device to move the plot of the Green Book along, perhaps like the whale in the book of Jonah.

HBR: In the scripture of the Church of Green Dome heaven was a real place with walled cities ruled by angelic kings. One time Michael sent Prince Melchizedek, the son of Melchiyahu and grandson of Gordiel, down to Earth to set aside a people who would receive the oracles of God.

HBS: Peter Twofeathers revealed that for ten years he had lent Erik Zinter the Golden Gift, the very relic wielded by Melchizedek in the story, to honeycomb Green Dome with tunnels to access isolated pockets of coal. This had allowed Headwater to prosper through the Depression.

HBT: But overnight there was a cave-in that smashed Erik's helmet lantern and plunged him into total darkness. He couldn't dig his way out, even with the Golden Gift, because he got turned around and bored deeper into the mountain rather than back out towards the way he came.

HBU: As Erik created a greater volume of space to walk through the remaining oxygen was stretched too thin and there were also suction losses through the Golden Gift itself. It wasn't until dawn that men with picks and spades broke through the cave-in and reached Erik's body.

HBV: Peter assured Clara that her husband died without any pain. He simply fell asleep and never woke up again. Also he praised the memory of Erik for never violating a sacred trust that some in the Church were saying was more than even the Prophet had the authority to grant.

HBW: But Clara admitted she had a hard time taking all of this in. Peter was asking her to accept at face value that the Golden Gift was real, and the scriptures were literally true. Shared beliefs were for binding a faith community, not to actually...believe.

HBX: "When you attend the Final Rite you will come to see see the wisdom of it," said Peter Twofeathers. "But try to be strong, Clara. In the days to come there will be those who will tell you that God punished your husband with death for misusing his holy gift to the Church."

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