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From a new amphitheater built into the slope of Green Hill, Hunky-Dory opened the Fortuna Summit in January 1982 with a song Dory wrote just for the occasion. It began like this:

Can a Dream bleed Until it dies Drained of all hope through skeptic floors?

Shall the Living cut their losses? Bow to merchants With empty stores?

How Artistic Is our healing To grow hard crusts On shameful sores?

The acoustics of the long, narrow, and tall space that was Fortuna were perfect.

As the band played, eight leggy young Femina Caelestis dancers performed, clad in fetching short yellow skirts, and thirteen year old Brand Millet was old enough now to appreciate this. He was also clever enough to realize it was a honeytrap Robyn was arraying to snare him and keep him bound in Fortuna for his entire lifetime much like his own father.

Talishi and Yeshua were much amused to see their fellow elohim, Binan-Robyn making music with her band, which she obviously enjoyed, and they were impressed that the music was so good.

After the song, the opening of the Summit was a little tricky. Robyn didn't want to express a pecking order in the sequence of personalities that she introduced, but it was unavoidable. She decided it would be best to stroke Belial's ego by naming him first. So Robyn set down her instrument and welcomed the Patriarch Hadraniel to Luna, and introduced hym as the incarnation of Belial.

To Hadraniel Robyn offered to make macros and SHe-3 available to power his spacecraft at Palato and hyz colonies on the outer worlds of Sol. But do not forget, Robyn added, my macros are only to be leased, and they will have the same protection that macros have on Earth to protect them from being tampered with and their secret revealed.

Hadraniel accepted Robyn's conditions with no objection at all, which was a so out of character for him that many thought he had something else up his sleeve, which in time turned out to be precisely the case. Macros and SHe-3 had the power to completely transform the Navy of Belial.

Hadraniel then offered in return dozens of his older space vessels, more than there existed FC gals to crew them were it not for the many Amazons Robyn expected to gain after the Summit. The spacecraft he offered ranged in size from shuttles to full troop transports, and despite being nearly obsolete by nephilim standards, they were quite advanced by human standards. Robyn accepted this gift graciously.

After that Robyn introduced and welcomed Talishi, the yin incarnation of Chokhmah, and they jointly announced the merger of Femina Caelestis and the Amazons, which was already underway. They were the living angels of the elohim, existing to serve them in all things. But Hadraniel declined their service. I have the priesthood of the Eyes of Belial who are sworn to obey me, he said, speaking of his hyper-masculine mirror image of FC.

Then Robyn announced the presence of Yeshua Bat-El, Lord of all the Earth, who had guided the history of mankind from behind the scenes since the day he was raised from death to glorified eternal life and came into his inheritance.

Yeshua decreed that the living angels of the Femina Caelestis organization would be given hands of glorified nanotechnology flesh, exactly like his own hands in the days of his healing ministry in the Galilee district, and the angels would go forth to all the nations of the Earth, and also to all the lands of Gorpai, and heal many infirmities. But there will be no need for them to carry this new healing ministry to the Land We Know, he said, for healing is already the innate power of all trite females there.

Lilith Gervasi declared herself the prophetess of El Shaddai, and this was affirmed before all by Yeshua, Talishi, and Robyn, but Hadraniel held his tongue because he knew nothing of this, and hy did not care at any rate, nor did he care that he had not been in the loop.

In the name of El Shaddai, Lilith formally affirmed the nephilim claims to all the lands of the outer Solar system they had settled, and said these lands would belong to them forever, without repentance. But Lilith also said, El Shaddai requires Belial to allow those humans of the inner system, who are willing, to migrate to his colonies which are beyond four times the distance of Earth from Sol, and to allow humans to own land there as well, if they are successful in establishing themselves without aid.

Hadraniel agreed to this, and promised they would not be officially persecuted by the various colonial governments under his sceptre, but thinking of such entities as the Church of Racial Holiness, and the chaos in the rings of Saturn, hy added, Take care. There are criminal elements in the Outworlds that I do not control, and they might not take kindly to human intruders.

And Brand Millet paid particular attention to this exchange, for it entered into his mind that he wanted to go to those outer worlds someday, rather than be caught here like a fly in Robyn's web.

The heads of the other four Families on Gorpai were also present, but they came bearing no gifts, nor were gifts to be given to them, for they were mere vassals of the House of Gorpai. It was Hadraniel who spoke for them here, and any tribute they gave would be demanded by Hadraniel, and any gifts they received would come from his bounty alone.

Taking his seat behind Hadraniel then was Iadiel, the Patriarch of the Gold Beards of the House of Sala. The Brown Beards of the House of Bellon were represented by the Patriarch Kafziel. Haziel Larund was the head the Black Beards. And the Patriarch Hochmiel Antero represented the Red Beards.

How little did Belial know the centuries of servitude by the other Patriarchs was like putting a huge spring under great strain. They were ready to break into full revolt at any time and rally around Talishi. But sha knew the perfect moment of opportunity had not yet come.

With the exception of Hadraniel, who ruled from the moon Palato, none of the Patriarchs had left the surface of Gorpai before this Summit, and now they were more than four light-years away from their home, in a neighboring star system, and the sight of Earth motionless in the sky over Fortuna filled them with wonder.

King Arieh Stronghammer had taken his seat of honor as the ruler of Menkal and he also spoke for the Saiph League. Prince Consort Evandr Firegem came in the name of the Queen of Alodra. And King Gruen Sunshield of Hamar was also there, after being the honored guest of Joy Millet for more than a year.

To the royalty from the Land We Know, Hadraniel offered to allow their subjects, if they were willing, to travel to the Sol system's outer worlds as well, but they would serve as paid laborers, with no right to own land.

Yeshua insisted these laborers come by Fold Gate, not the Pool of Bat-El, for both he and Robyn wanted to keep the location of the Earthside terminus of that portal secret, and reserve it for Femina Caelestis.

Lilith reminded everyone El Shaddai's portal from the Land We Know to Earth had been closed since the day King Ravenmaster of Nath was put to death.

Speaking for the Republic of Nath (which rose up in King Ravenmaster's place) was High Lord Advocate Faran Blackseed, son of Bron Blackseed who led the Revolution, and he came bearing samples of many different weapons of war for the other rulers of the Land We Know.

These weapons were accepted eagerly, but in years to come it grew apparent that Faran's "gifts" were very much like the free drugs a dealer might give to prospective customers to get them hooked, whereupon they would return to obtain their daily fix, and it would not be free.

And it was said that Hadraniel and Faran Blackseed also exchanged gifts and many words, but of the nature of these neither one spoke.

The United States declined Robyn's invitation to come to the Fortuna Summit. They went further than that, however, and leaned on their closest allies to reject the invitation also, including most of Europe, the entire British Commonwealth, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

To Lilith's disappointment, the state of Israel also refrained from sending a representative. As a natural result of this embargo, the list of attendees from Earth read a little bit like a Who's Who of America's traditional enemies.

The People's Republic of China was represented by Special Minister Liu Chou-Lai, appointed and trained by the Communist Party solely for this Summit.

The Soviet Union was represented by the cosmonauts Aleksei Leonov and Oleg Makarov, who had flown to Midway aboard a modified Soyuz spacecraft called Zond, which had originally been slated to orbit the Moon until Apollo 8 beat them to it, and the program was mothballed. From Midway FC took the cosmonauts to Fortuna, and Robyn promised to leave their Zond spacecraft unmolested there until the Summit concluded and they used it to return to Earth.

The Islamic Republic of Iran sent five mullahs from the Revolutionary Council. Robyn had to use male pilots to bring them up, because they refused to get into a vessel piloted by women. The Muslim religious leaders were in awe of Yeshua, who they venerated as the prophet Isa, second in importance only to Mohammad in their book, but Isa was there in the flesh and Mohammad was food for worms.

A dozen less prominent 'non-aligned' nations from Africa and Latin America, which fell neither within the Soviet sphere nor the American sphere, were also represented at Fortuna. What they had in common was a long saltwater coastline, and the gift they were to receive was beyond imagination when they discerned what it was.

Hadraniel introduced to the Summit what he called a Bot. It was a small silvery robot about the size of a human child, which he had caused to be made on Palato from knowledge obtained by his own access to the lore of the elohim. Binah had no hand in making the Bot.

He proposed to give the Bots to the Russian, and also hy would give traveling factories that not only made the Bots, but made more traveling factories. The Russians would have the exclusive right to operate the factories and Bots on Mercury, which was rich in mineral wealth and also solar power.

Lilith relayed El Shaddai's permission to give Mercury to the Russians for their exclusive use. The raw materials found in abundance on that scorched planet were ideal for manufacturing solar panels, which the factories could also do when they weren't making Bots and more factories.

Joy pledged that Astrodyne would transport the Russian ores to market in return for a fair fraction of the solar panels they made on Mercury.

On the stage looming above and behind Hunky's drum kit was a great map of the Earth, showing the contours of the continents as they were now, and also showing the contours of the land beneath the waves, at the 2,000 fathom line.

To the left of the world map was a rough map of Venus taken from radar data obtained by a FC probe. To the right of the world map was a color photomap of Mars taken from photos shot by the FC detachment at Deimos and uploaded to the Grid.

Robyn walked to the left side of the stage and said, The second planet in this star system is wrapped by a thick blanket of greenhouse gases that retain the sun's heat, making that planet far hotter than the Earth would be at the same distance. So Venus has too much air, and not a drop of water.

She walked to the center of the stage, and said, The third planet in this star system will have five billion people in five more years, yet only twenty-nine percent of its surface is dry land, and much of that is desert or frozen tundra unable to support human life. So the Earth has too much water, and too many people.

Walking to the right side of the stage, Robyn said, The fourth planet in this star system has an atmosphere that is only one percent as thick as the Earth's atmosphere, which causes any liquid water on the surface to boil away. So Mars has too little air and water, and it's too cold.

But all three of these planetary inequities can be resolved with just two wormholes, very much like the one that took Adversary from Gorpai to Jupiter, except that these wormholes will be open all the time.

Robyn returned to the center of the stage and pointed to the world map. One will have a mouth under the sea, near New Zealand, right here. The Earth end of the wormhole will remain at that level of the sea where the water pressure is sufficient to overcome the ninety atmospheres of air pressure on Venus. This will create a flow of sea water to the north pole of Venus, where it will immediately turn to steam, and the sea salt will be precipitated out.

Lilith addressed the row of mullahs. It is El Shaddai's command that Venus will be given to Iran, to rule as you see fit. It will become the home, if you so wish, of an Islamic Caliphate.

Robyn added a caveat, however. Unfortunately, temperatures will remain too high for humans to live in the open there there for perhaps a century. The only thing you will be able to export at first will be the salt, but there will be much traffic of people from Earth to Mars, and material from Venus to Earth and Mars, and you will earn much money in transit fees.

But your enclosed structures will require Astrodyne macros to provide air conditioning, and it will be a century after that before terraforming of the north and south polar regions will raise the level of oxygen to a life-sustaining level. But after that, you will be in sole possession of a new planet, quite comfortable in the polar regions. There will be one hell of a desert across most of Venus.

One of the Iranian representatives asked Robyn, Why did you choose that remote spot for the wormhole entrance? Why not closer to Iran?

Robyn answered, When the Earth's sea level drops about twelve thousand feet, in two hundred years, the world ocean, which is currently seventy-one percent of the Earth's surface, will be divided into precisely two halves. South America will have two land bridges connecting it to Antarctica, as you can see here.

The map was large enough that Robyn had to walk to point to the land bridge. Then she returned to the New Zealand part of the map.

So at that time, the only water connection between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean water lobes will be right here, between New Zealand and Tasmania. This undersea basin will be the location of the greatest city on Earth in the 23th Century. It will be the crossroads for all sea transport, which is now and always will remain the most cost-effective way to move goods from point to point on the surface of the Earth.

Robyn pledged to provide the mullahs all the infrastructure they needed to begin, and the Iranians agreed to allow Astrodyne to operate there. The oxygen they required to breathe would be taken from the Moon's own crust, smelted by electricity derived from solar power using Russian-made panels.

On Earth all the water from the surface to a depth of 2000 fathoms would be moved to Venus, pouring down a wormhole hundreds of feet wide like water draining from a bathtub. Of course, Robyn hadn't asked anyone for permission to do this (except for Bat-El) but there wasn't much anyone could do to stop her, and there were benefits to allay most objections.

At first sea levels would remain constant as the draining of the sea was balanced by a rise in sea levels attributed to an increase in the Earth's average temperature due to thermal energy released by macros and SHe-3. But by the 2020s, sea levels would fall very rapidly, and it would be noticed.

And the representatives of the non-aligned nations understood the nature of their gift. They were to receive much more real estate as the sea levels dropped to expose all that territory beneath the sea. If Robyn's scheme worked, the land area of the Earth would rise from 29 percent to 50 percent in only two hundred years. But they would begin to reap the benefits of that uncovering process almost immediately.

New land would be exposed off the coasts, and much of this land contained oil deposits which would become newly economical to tap, yet another gift for the people of Earth. Indeed, within another hundred years, all of the North Sea and Baltic Sea would be dry land, with only a single firth reaching southeast to divide the two lands at Denmark. Florida would more than double in width. And the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska that the ancestors of the original inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere used to cross over would be re-established.

Robyn continued. At the south pole of Venus, another wormhole will take the hot atmosphere of Venus, which will still be under great pressure but supersaturated with water vapor, to Mars, where it is too cold and there isn't enough air.

Robyn turned to address the Chinese Special Minister directly. She said, In a very short time, much less than two hundred years, Mars will have enough greenhouse gases at a high enough pressure to become quite comfortable. It will remain only to convert the carbon dioxide to oxygen, and that will be accomplished by planting green things, and that is something that can begin almost immediately.

And Lilith told the Special Minister of China that El Shaddai had assigned all of Mars to the People's Republic. But the moons Deimos and Phobos shall remain in the possession of Femina Caelestis, she told him.

Thus the imbalances of all three worlds would be set aright, with no input of energy aside from that which the elohim used to maintain the wormholes, but the elohim are living suns and they could do so without too much effort. Still, it will require at least four of the five elohim operating continuously in concert to keep the two wormholes in operation, Talishi reminded everyone.

Five if we are to operate the Fold Gates as well, Yeshua said. And that last comment was aimed directly at Belial.

As for Luna, Robyn said, waving her hands all around, which I retain for myself, I propose to build a device which I choose to call the Circumlunar Supercollider. It will be a ring of electromagnetic coils that will encircle the entire Moon. It will be powered by the solar cells Astrodyne will obtain from the Russian operation on Mercury, and I will use it to make small black holes that will be allowed to drop into the interior of the Moon. Where Venus and Mars were being terraformed, I propose to graviform the Moon. If I reduce the diameter of the moon to about 900 miles, it will have the same gravity as Earth and it will be able to retain an atmosphere long enough to allow us to easily replace the losses.

She didn't tell her daughter Joy that the huge Moonquakes involved in that shrinking process would completely destroy her beloved city of Fortuna, but Robyn knew Joy would be dead from old age before it even began to happen.

In the end, Robyn concluded, if all goes well, then in two hundred years this star system will have four perfectly habitable worlds.

Those were the basic highlights, addressed on the first day.

The Fortuna Summit ran for many more days as all the details were ironed out, for there were many unanswered questions and technical snafus to iron out. It adjourned with a half hour Hunky-Dory live set and much good feeling between all the parties involved, even Belial, to the shock and delight of everyone who knew hym.

It had been nothing more than a gigantic family reunion, and utterly unique. Never before and never again would all the elohim and the leading nephilim and humans meet in a single place.

And Robyn thought the Great Unveiling would immediately take place afterward, when all these gifts were revealed to the whole world and mankind knew beyond all doubt that he was not alone in the universe.

But it was not to be. Robyn had been deceived. The human recipients of the gifts intended to keep them secret for as long as possible, to allow the maximum benefit to accrue to themselves. And the United States government decided it was in the national interest to keep everything secret from their own citizens for as long as possible.

When the wormhole began to operate in the ocean, and it was discovered by men, the United States stationed a carrier battle group off New Zealand, aided by destroyers and frigates from the Royal Australian Navy, to prevent all ship and air traffic from approaching the mouth of the wormhole, which was manifested as a deep and vast whirlpool in the ocean.

Robyn knew when the sea levels began to drop, and the citizens of the world found themselves staring at sandy beaches that continued to grow without limit, a lot of hard questions were going to be asked, and the secrecy would be lifted, but it would be a hard and sudden snap without a period of gradual adjustment.

Meanwhile a US submarine with its whole crew was lost trying to explore the New Zealand whirlpool. It found itself beached on Venus, rapidly rising in temperature to 900 degrees with no way to return. To accomplish that trick, a submarine would need to be fitted with macros.

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