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Hunky and Dory waited near the sacred pool for about a month before Robyn and Jerry returned. For shelter they built a little lean-to in the woods near the pond, but not visible from the pond. Every three days, in the afternoon, Yeshua's women friends from Nyduly Wood would emerge from the pond with waterproof containers of food and other items to keep the girls going, and they would return with their trash, but they had little news to tell them.

On two occasions early in the month, searchers approached their camp in a vehicle (it was at the end of a dirt road that meandered to the northwest of End Dome Hill). When they heard the approaching motor, Hunky and Dory dove into the pool and spent a few hours in the Land We Know conversing with the priestesses of Yeshua. When they returned to Earth they found their lean-to with its layers of blankets had remained undiscovered and unmolested.

The searchers stopped paying visits, but Hunky and Dory dared not light a fire even as the autumn chill approached. To stay warm they resorted to the one thing they had to occupy their time, which was lesbian sex, and plenty of it.

During the third week as the bump on her head approached maximum size, Dory said, I have something to tell you, Hunky. I'm no longer a practicing homosexual. Know why?

Hunky looked a little worried for a moment. No, why?

Dory smiled and said, Because now I'm so damn good at it.

That's when they independently discovered Robyn's trick of changing their subjective experience of time. In Robyn's case, she sped herself up to make the empty hours of the clinic go more quickly. In Hunky and Dory's case they slowed themselves down by a factor of five to make their sex seem to last that much longer. This alone took everything to a whole new level, but even that was nothing compared to what the Purple Cable would do for them a week or two later.

Near the end of their honeymoon when the station had circled Proxima three times, Jerry set up a sodium "fountain" with a laser trap, which was one of Robyn's favorite toys. This used a laser tuned just below the natural emission lines of sodium atoms to supercool them to the point where individual atoms could be seen by the naked eye. And Jerry also had a contraption that would activate the Golden Gift remotely, without directly squeezing it with his hand.

It wasn't their small size that made atoms invisible (the eye only saaaw the individual photons they cast off anyway) it was their rapid motion. At room temperature, atoms in a gas buzzed around faster than a speeding bullet. With a laser trap like the one in Robyn's lab they could be slowed to just a few inches per second, or even slower.

Jerry's apparatus worked because under the laws of quantum mechanics the laser frequency wasn't high enough to cause the atom to immediately re-emit the light after absorbing it, so the sodium atom made up the deficit with the energy of its own motion, fired a photon in the direction it was moving, and recoiled. Eventually the sodium atoms grew so cold a person could actually see a fountain of bright yellow dots rising in the vacuum and falling back under their own gravity.

The biggest part of the apparatus was the vacuum chamber and the pump. Jerry set up the Golden Gift inside so it's purple beam would intersect the sodium fountain. When he was ready, he told Robyn to watch.

Sure enough, the yellow dots passing through the beam disappeared, but almost seven seconds later they reappeared again in the same position they would have been if they hadn't been struck by the beam. It was as though the Golden Gift merely made the atoms invisible, but the effect wore off in seven seconds.

Now watch this, Jerry said. He turned off the Golden Gift, and pressed a button to cause a glass ceiling to slide into place in the middle of the fountain, just above where the purple beam was aligned. The sodium atoms in the fountain struck the glass and bounced off (or adhered to the glass in some cases) but they went no higher.

Okay, Robyn said, following everything he was doing with great interest.

Jerry turned the Golden Gift back on. After the sodium atoms passed through the purple beam they no longer bounced off or adhered to the glass, but passed right through. It was obvious the Golden Gift wasn't just making the atoms invisible for seven seconds, but it was allowing them to slip through the glass as if it wasn't there.

I call this effect 'phantomization', Jerry said. The Golden Gift makes whatever the beam touches into phantom particles for 6.8 seconds. During that time, the particles continue on their way, right through solid walls or even through each other, interacting only with gravity.

So why does that kill people? Robyn asked. She already knew the answer, of course.

Because the atoms in a human body are vibrating very fast. They are moving up to a mile a second. When they are phantomized they move off on their last known course and speed. If we were doing this at home, half of them would fly into the crust of the Earth and the other half would fly into the sky, until the seven seconds were up. The Golden Gift doesn't make things disappear, it only scatters their atoms into to sphere about fourteen miles across.

What else have you learned? Robyn asked her husband, beaming with pride.

That once a sodium atom has passed through the beam once, it cannot be phantomized again. Even if it passes through the beam again it won't disappear, and it just bounce off the glass.

So now you know exactly what the Golden Gift does, but you don't know how it does it.

That's right. But if you give me a little time to gnaw on it, I'm sure I can figure it out.

I believe you, Jerry! I will have my people crate some of this stuff up and have it brought to Earth through the Pool of Bat-El. We'll get a barge in Melak and run it upriver back to Nyduly, then back home.

Why are you doing all this? You made the Golden Gift, so you already know how it works. Why don't you just tell me?

Because elohim don't know everything, and we can't think of everything. If I can get humans to pick up my tinkering hobby and get a little good at it, who knows what you'll come up with? Surprise me, Jerry!

If you want to make me like you, then make me all the way like you.

Complete with a matching bump at the back of your head? That's an eternal commitment Jerry.

He nodded that he understood, so Robyn went looking for a while, and returned with a syringe with a dark fluid inside, the same agent she prepared in the Artifact, to share the Change with Jerry.

During the fourth week, with only days remaining before the return of Robyn and Jerry, the girls woke up to find their own bumps had sprung open, revealing the same fifty-five pins that appeared on Robyn and the church mouse they found. Now they discovered the Sharing.

Come on, Hunky, Dory said, 'This will work a hell of a lot better without your jeans.

Tentatively, Dory peeled them down off her legs and let Hunky kick them the rest of the way off. Beautiful! she gasped, and with the Purple Cable hooked up Hunky knew Dory believed that to be totally true. There could be no deception.

Even with her knees somewhat apart Hunky's muscular thighs touched together, but that was exactly the way Dory wanted them to be.

Dory kissed her legs and inner thighs gently, then I kissed her tummy along the top of her cotton panties, and at each step she was doing exactly what Hunky wanted done to herself. In a way, being hooked up to Dory, Hunky was doing it to herself.

Then Dory kissed Hunky through her white underwear directly on her damp sex. She savored the smell of her, and because there could be nothing hidden with the Purple Cable, Hunky knew that Dory really loved the smell of her, simply by sharing my experience and enjoying it herself.

Dory used her teeth to slide Hunky's undies down off her ankles and then she reversed herself, taking the sixty-nine position. Her irresistible thighs were splayed over Dory's face so she began to kiss them. She licked the two creases where Hunky's legs joined together, and finally she nuzzled the textured lips of Hunky's slightly parted slit.

But with the Purple Cable, Hunky also literally was Dory, and she thought that it was herself who was somehow on bottom doing the licking. When she was licking Dory it felt like she was licking herself. And Dory also felt she was somehow also on top licking my original self.

So there was no border between my own sensations as 'Dory' licking and being licked, and my sensations as Dory-being-Hunky licking and being licked. And there was no border between Hunky's sensations as Hunky licking and being licked, and Hunky's sensations as Hunky-being-Dory licking and being licked. It was a swirling stew of identities where Hunky and Dory were being mixed up into each other, lost in each other, until their names floated free of the identities they were attached to.

Their jammed their faces tighter into each other's pulsing hips and thighs. Their body image literally became one as we simultaneously clambered into each other and were clambered into. The pleasure was continuous, rising in pace as the sensations climbed inexorably upward. The instant feedback of the Purple Cable seemed to synchronize them. They rose in tension together.

Then there was a gasp. Oh honey, Dory said. It was all she could manage to say. There had been a separation. She was Dory now, her name had returned to her. She was having her orgasm and my mind automatically and selfishly gathered every scrap of pleasure to burn leaving little to share.

The intensity of her burning welled up and absolutely went off the dial. Dory arched her back and every muscle in her body locked up for a moment. There was no breathing, no thought, and her eyes stared at nothing. Then she bent her head back into the blankets and was thrashing and moaning as every nerve ending in her toes, her fingers, her face, and her scalp began to fire with white hot signals of ecstasy. The pleasure felt like it was scrubbing every cell in her body.

But catching just the periphery of Dory's white-hot supernova immediately triggered the other identity to have a climax of her own. In that instant she was Hunky again. And all the pleasure she'd experienced up to that moment had given her no clue that there was capacity for much, much more. So Hunky's joy went off the charts too.

Then with stately precision their bodies synchronized together and moved from the eye-crossing phase of their orgasm to the part that squeezed out all the pooled blood from their hips.

But since they were also cruising at a time reduction factor of five their automatic 0.8 second orgasmic contractions seemed to happen every four seconds. Their pelvic muscles opened up and clamped down, gathering and squeezing, each contraction was like a separate orgasm in its own right, going on and on for two minutes. The pleasure was beyond belief, approaching the infinite. It filled every shred of their being even as the the waves began to subside. They came down slowly together, caressing, snuggling each other, utterly tuned in to each other, and tapering off with the same perfect attentiveness that defined this new kind of lovemaking.

When they were finished they couldn't even say Wow. Hunky and Dory would live almost forever, and for that entire time, they would have this Sharing.

Two days after that Robyn and Jerry emerged from the pool in the filtered sunlight of the thick woods below End Dome Hill, with Hunky and Dory sitting on the grassy ring mound waiting for them. Hunky held up the Purple Cable and said, Robyn, you gotta try this thing!

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