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In the wake of Queen Lilith's parley with Samael the status of the Fallen Angels was left dangling. They could not return east of the frontier, nor would King Metatron receive them before speaking to Lilith hymself. They made their encampment on fallow land and waited.

In the aftermath of Chokhmah's mating when Binah had been conceived, Lilith and har daughter Leliel accompanied Michael straightaway to Rumbek inside the avatar of Chokhmah. They left before Samael came to full awareness and did not wish to witness hyz wrath when hy did.

When they were come before King Metatron hy demanded to know why they were in exile.

Michael said, "I spoke truth to the House of Gerash. But they hated the truth because it was like a bright light, and that light threatened to reveal the dark things they do in secret."

And Metatron asked, "What is truth?"

Michael said in reply, "Your Majesty, we know truth when our mind conforms with the way things are."

"What do you ask of me, Lord Michael? Shall I put my armies at your command? Shall I use force to protect the purity of your truth?"

Michael said, "Nay, Your Majesty. If what I teach is so very fragile that I must seek allies to shield it from contamination, then what I have cannot be the truth. Only the warriors of Samael fight to convert others to their truth and wage holy war against other truths."

"They fight because what they call truth is too weak to sell itself to all who seek the truth with sincerity. Since they are certain they already possess the truth, they refuse to investigate reality, and delight in self-deception."

""Then what is the most sincere truth?"

"I reveal this to you now Your Majesty. The most sincere truth is just this

King Metatron accepted this silently.

Michael went on. "And yet, Your Majesty, here is another truth

Samael will never reduce you to vassalage directly, by assailing you with an army. Queen Lilith saw to that, and elohim cannot break the bindings of the smallest concession. Yet nothing prevents hym from equipping your enemies with arms, both within Magodon and without.

"Then what is your counsel Lord Michael?"" said the king.

""I will bring Queen Aurra and King Uriel hither with the aim of forging some unity between the kingdoms of heaven. But I know of a certainty that Samael and Israel will resist for it would strike Adan's commerce."

To this King Metatron gave hyz hearty assent. Hy welcomed Michael and Queen Lilith. A place was found for the Fallen Angels to make encampment on the large island of Sealiah east of Rumbek, where they set about to demobilize and order a village with the aid of the locals.

Then Michael's first disciple Lilith began to teach their new friends and neighbors among the Brown Beards, individually and in small groups, the doctrines of those who embrace Chokhmah. But Michael hymself refused to teach lest the king imagine hy was spreading a cult.

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