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ADAMU (ABZ): A male human brought through a fold-door from the mountain later named Green Dome in North America. Together with his mate, Adamu was the first to colonize Heaven. The 'garden' he rid of deadly native flora still exists as a park in the heart of the city of Adan.

ADANITE: An inhabitant of Adan, also called the 'Middle Land' of Heaven as it was the first to be colonized, but it is actually in the far east due to the impassible swamp that separates it from Rammon. The Adanites, or the House of Gerash, are popularly called 'Black Beards'.

ADJARA (BHX): A major city in the Kingdom of Nath, in Haaretz, founded by the Levites who had been taken from Samaria in the wake of the Assyrian conquest. It lies midway between Linan and Hadal on the edge of Shaula Wood. The city is the site of the Heavenly temple of Yahwah.

ALNITAR: A major city in the kingdom of Hamar, on the left bank of the river Nanki west of Mount Rasal. Colonists of the lost tribe of Ashar settled there and traded in the wood of vogul trees, which could only be cut with fire. It was an exemplary material for crafting shields.

ALODRA: Lands of the House of Bellon in the heart of Haaretz, lying on both sides of the River Sabik to the fork with the River Nanki, thence within a line running from Mount Naratha to the confluence of the River Arhena with the Sabik. The capital and largest city is Atria.

ARAMEL: A large freshwater lake in the far west of the land of Adan, fed by the River Dashok, which in turn is fed from snowmelt from the frozen lobe connecting the northern and southern ice sheets. The city of Salem occupies an island less than a mile from the eastern shore.

ARHENA: A tributary of the river Sabik that begins at the Wall of God and flows past Fatho, south of the mountain of the same name, and north of the slopes of Mount Menkant, to merge with the Sabik at Kochad in eastern Alodra. The river is considered too wild to be navigable.

ARIEL: Human female, sarim of the B'nei Elohim, daughter of Gabriel and Robyn. A member of the "Groupies" who opposed Michael to the extent that they could. Ariel was slain in the Moon War and spent her much more brief second life in Heaven serving Samael under the name Joy.

AURRA FIREGEM: Human duchess of Saharad in Rammon, queen of the House of Sala, wife of Duke Evandr Firegem, mother of Countess Ayani of Locotin, Baron Alastor of Thorgram, and the deceased Count Aldred. Broad of face and body yet beautiful, Queen Aurra is an accomplished archer.

B'NEI ELOHIM - [Hebrew: "Sons of gods"]. Humans, nephilim, and angels who serve Chokhmah and Binah as warriors and heralds. They all bear a physical alteration called the Change which can be passed from the Made to the Begotten, and each enjoys a unique, extraordinary ability.

BARACHIEL: Ophan of House Larund and ruler of Sealiah Island who met the Adanite invasion on the frontier of Rumbek and provisionally accepted the truce crafted by Lilith until it was ratified by hyz father Metatron. Hy later hosted the Council of Royals at hyz Dul Valley estate.

BELIAL: The angelic incarnation of Keter at the beginning of Binah's incarnation as Yeshua. They met briefly in Anshar, where Belial unsuccessfuly dangled a number of incentives in return for a clean break from Chokhmah, including the Red Beard lands and full access to El Elyon.

BELLON: One of the four great divisions of the inhabitants of Heaven, sometimes called the Red Beards. At the time of the War in Heaven the House of Bellon numbered some seventy to eighty thousand nephilim and roughly equal numbers of humans, but only a few thousand angels.

BINAH - An eloah who shares the star Sol with Chokhmah as her stellar body, and is also in union with a Levantine human named Yeshua. When she and Chokhmah create a wormhole, Binah is uniquely able to locate her end of the passage at various places in time as well as in space.

BOANERGES: [Hebrew: Bene reghesh - 'Sons of Thunder'] - A surname applied by Yeshua to two disciples, his cousins Yakob and Yohanan, sons of his sister Salome and her husband Zebedee, to avoid confusing them with Yohanan the baptizer or with his stepbrother Yakob son of Hilfai.

CAPERNAUM: A town of fifteen hundred persons sited on the northern shore of Lake Kinneret which served as Yeshua's base of operations early in his ministry before he began to reach south into Judea. 'Rocky' Shimon owned a house there, where he lived with his wife and her mother.

DEMONSTROKE - the avatar of Keter, a mechanical contrivance in the form of a dragon capable of hurling stellar plasma from Rigilkent through a shortcut in space-time. This flame is the dragon's primary means of propulsion, the wings allow it to act as a glider or gently land.

DIADOCHI: Rival lieutenants of Alexander the Great who parted out his conquests among themselves following his untimely death to form the Seleucid Empire, Pergamon, the Ptolemaic Kingdom centered at Alexandria, and in the east the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom and Indo-Greek Kingdom.

ELAM: First son of Lael, he became chieftain over the Laelites after his father was slain by Adanites. As a captive he was badly used by Belphegor. Later he ordered his tormentor slain by Jemuel, drawing Gabriel's curse that the line of the third son Rosh would rule the Remnant.

ENKAA: The name of a massive stonework dam in the land of Nath near Kabark, and the resultant artificial lake of waters backed up to the southwestern border of Shaula Wood. Reubenite colonists have cut many canals and ditches from Lake Enkaa for water to irrigate their fields.

FATHO: A city in southern Nath under the very face of the Wall of God, on the southern slopes of the mountain by the same name. Two forks of the River Arhena merge nigh to the city. It was founded by colonists of the lost Israelite tribe of Dan, who mine the many caves nearby.

GAD-SMANE: [Hebrew: "Oil press"] - A grove of giant olive trees at the foot of Mount Olive, below the western slope, where Yeshua allowed himself to be arrested after declining to excape to Haaretz through a fold-door. This moment formed the crux of his obedience to his father.

GARDEN OF ADAN: A homestead in Heaven established by Adamu and Chava, the first human colonists brought from Earth. A city park now marks the site where Adamu and his sons Kayin and Hebel carved a place for a small herd of bison to thrive by killing the hostile native flora.

GREAT DELUGE: Heaven lies in a double star system with the Eggbeater, two asteroid swarms that constantly merge and separate. One object struck Heaven on the ice sheet near the equatorial slush zone, resulting in a massive rainstorm that flooded the planet and subsequently froze.

HAMAR: A land in southeastern Haaretz bounded on the west by the Saiph League, the north by Alodra and Nath, and on the west by the Wall of God. Ruled from Menkant and populated by five of the ten lost Israelite tribes, leading cities are Wazol, Eltan, Anitar, Rasal and Nyduly.

"HEROD ANTIPATER: Nicknamed Antipas, the son of Herod the Great, king of Judea, who styled himself 'King of the Jews' which connotes divine sanction. Herod divided his kingdom among his sons in his will. Antipas ruled two separated, politically unstable regions, Galilee and Perea.

JUDAH: The fourth son of Israel (Yakob), and the founding patriarch of the Israelite tribe of the same name centered around Jerusalem. The Judahites grew to dominate the area concurrently with the destruction of the kingdom of Israel to the north comprised of ten other tribes.

LELIEL - Ophanim daughter of Michael and Lilith, wife of Jashen Shybear, mother of Gabriel. First of the Begotten B'nei Elohim. Most tireless and swift of foot of all world-dwellers. Leliel chronicled the events of the War in Heaven on the White Scroll, often as an eyewitness.

MATTIYAHU - Also 'Levi' and later 'Saint Matthew', able to both read and write, as well as handle figures, he abandoned his employment as the sharp end of the Roman tax-collecting stick to follow Yeshua as one of the Twelve. With Yeshua he was arrested at Gad-Smane but released.

NATH - A region in northeast Haaretz called a 'kingdom' by the five tribes of Israelites who dwell there. It embraces Lake Enkaa and has Hadal as its capital, nigh to the Wall of God. Nath is effectively landlocked, as there are no bays or even coves along Thalury to the north.

NEPHILIM: A human subspecies combining original stock and angels, with XZ sex chromosomes, ranging in height between six and seven feet. Like angels, nephilim have two sex organs, but one of each. The head hair of nephilim remains naturally short and they have modest breasts.

RAMMON: A land just to the east of Adan but protected by an impenetrable tulgey wood, minus the Bandersnatch. It is therefore as remote from Adan as any place in Heaven can be, and so is largely inhabited by classic humans unmodified to be angels or nephilim, ruled by House Sala.

RIVER SABIK: The largest river in Haaretz, born as cataracts in the Wall of God. Flowing northwest from Wazol through Menkant, the Sabik is joined by the Arhena at Kochad. It bends west past Nyduly Wood and Atria and is joined by the river Armak and Nanki before reaching Thalury.

ROSHITES: The remnant of Judahites, Benjaminites, and Levites who were brought from Earth by Lael after the conquest of Judah, named after Lael's third son, Rosh. They wandered for generations before founding the city of Akamar, the capital of what became the Kingdom of Menkal.

SAIPH LEAGUE: Independent city-states in southwest Haaretz, shattered remnant of a republic that replaced an earlier kingdom. The chief cities are the seaports of Eniph and Caph, the city of Mintara on the Isle of Avior, and the smaller cities of Zuben Well, Markal, and Toturo.

SAMAEL: A seraph, the first angelic incarnation of the eloah Keter at the time of the War in Heaven. The art of achieving union with world-dweller flesh was taught to Keter as payment for allowing Lilith to escape Adan. Hyz invasion of Magodon precipitated the Council of Royals.

SARAHAD: The chief city of House Sala, set on both banks of the River Loenna where it winds through the coast range of Rammon to the sea of Thalury. The coastal plain a number of leagues north and south of the river are occupied by House Bellon, the setting of endless conflicts.

SASTROM: A land lying between the Wall of God and Thalury, separated from the smaller land of Haaretz to the south by a wide finger of the sea. Ruled from the city of Jelaket, Sastrom is the heartland of House Bellon and most of the nephilim who dwell in Heaven are found there.

SEPPHORIS (BUN): A city in the Galilee region four miles north of Nazareth. Site of a revolt upon the death of Herod, the inhabitants were sold off as slaves and the city was newly populated with Roman colonists. Herod Antipas renamed it Autocratoris but this never caught on.

SERAPH (AMF): An angel of the highest rank in the highest choir. The seraphim are essentially living avatars of the elohim. Michael was the first seraph and the only one associated with Chokhmah. Keter has successively taken possession of many angels to rule Heaven directly.

SIMEON (AXD): Descendants of Yakob, a tribe that dwelt in southern Canaan on the border with Egypt. Simeon did not prosper much, and remained aloof from Judah. Intermarriage with Egyptians took its toll. When Lael came to find a remnant to bring to Haaretz none could be found.

STUDENTS (AAN): Periodically the Elohim discover planet-based life by their modulated electromagnetic radiation. With one exception these have always outside of reach. Elohim constantly watch for the rise of the Students, a new species of planet-based life within their reach.

THE TWELVE: Andreia, Philippos, Barthulumawus, and Yudah were disciples of the baptizer. Shimon was Andreia's brother. Yakob and Yohanan Boanerges were Yeshua's cousins. Shimon and Yosy were Yeshua's brothers. Mattiyahu and Miriam were new. Teom was the step-brother of Yeshua.

TIBERIAS: The capital city of Herod 'Antipas' Antipater, built on the western shore of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) about twenty miles from another urban center, Sepphoris. The existence of the two new cities, with their required logistics, impoverished the local peasants.

WHITE SCROLL: An ageless scroll of parchment, bleached white, made from flora native to Heaven. Leliel, the daughter of Michael and Lilith, recorded the events of the War in Heaven on the scroll, and the Sunset Discourse, before it became a relic held in the Ark of the Covenant.

YAHWEH: The name of God used by Israelite tribes in the south of Canaan which replaced the name El-Elyon when the northern tribes were conquered. After the southern kingdom was conquered in turn, Yahweh was re-imagined to be the god of the whole world, not just a national deity.

YAKOB BEN-HILFAI (BUV): Eldest son of Hilfai, apprenticed to be a scribe (sofer) under his father. He did not accompany Yeshua in his ministry, but did meet his step-brother alive again after the crucifixion and became a leader of the Way in Jerusalem. Called St. James the Just.

YOHANAN: A 1st Century preacher who performed ritual washings, he broke with the Essenes who held that Jews would join with Yahweh in overthrowing the Roman system with superior violence. He anticipated the violence would come but there would be only victims or passive observers.

YOSY (BUP): The third son of Yosef and Miriam, brother of Salome, Yeshua, and Shimon. A loyal follower of his brother Yeshua from the very beginning, and one of the Twelve, Yosef Jr. is deeply obscured by the gospels and replaced by Thomas in a bid to depict his mother a virgin.

YUDAH OF KERIOTH (BUM): A disciple of Yohanan the Baptizer who began to follow Yeshua after Yohanan was arrested. Under Yohanan he served as a screener for his baptisms. With Yeshua he was one of the Twelve until he came to see Yeshua as just another fraudulent would-be messiah.

ZADKIEL (AGZ): As the "Voice of Keter" the Hashmal Zadkiel Gerash was sent to Salem to counter the ministry of Michael and the resultant spreading influence of Chokhmah. He refused to take Keter's admonitions respecting Lilith seriously and was defeated in the Battle of the Knot.

ZVAD'YAH: [Greek: Zebediaos, English: Zebedee] - The husband of Yeshua's sister Salome and father of Yakob and Yohanan, boys who were surnamed Boanerges (sons of thunder) by Yeshua to reduce confusion. He operated two boats at Lake Kinneret, and returned to Nazareth for Shabbat.

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