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In the private chambers of Michael and his family Gabriel knelt before hez lord, then rose and came quickly to his point. "I know, Lord Mi- chael, that you wonder how I can claim to be the herald of Binah, when she is yet so young, yet I speak the truth. There is a thing you do not yet know, and even Binah does not know it, in this time."

Michael remained silent and grim for a time. Then hy brightened and said, "You're from the future!"

Gabriel nodded and said, "Yes, Lord, and now, perhaps you can guess why your attempts to teach Binah to open a fold-door seem to have failed."

"They haven't failed," Michael said. "Binah has...an additional de- gree of freedom we haven't taken into account."

"Precisely, Lord."

"Why does the Binah of your time, whom I presume from the mere fact of your presence here knows how to control her power, hasn't contacted me directly, mind-to-mind?"

"She is not absolutely certain direct contact could remain undetected by Keter, Lord. There is always a bifurcation, you see. Two separate time streams result from every contact, an original where the contact never happened and a new one where it did. As you can imagine, Lord this power is of infinite value. I am told that none of the other elo- him has reported its like. Both Binah, and yourself, in my time, have decided it would serve them better that neither Keter nor Da'at know of it. So they rely on B'nei Elohim such as myself to relay messages to past versions of themselves."

"Yet the bifurcation still happens, nonetheless, when you deliver the message."

"Yes, Lord, but such a communication does not involve the fold-lines between elohim, so Keter and Da'at remain ignorant of it."

Michael considered this silently.

Gabriel looked down at Leliel then, and said, "Hello, Leliel. I'm the child you haven't had yet."

"That makes sense, at least," Lilith said. "if nothing else you have said can be understood. I thought you had my cheekbones."

"Also, milady, I have the eyes of my human father, Jashen."

"How far down the timeline have you come?" asked Michael.

"From very near to the end," Gabriel replied. "At least, you, in that time, assure me your final victory is very close. Some of the neigh- boring stars are finally sending avatars on flybys. About thirty-three hundred years from now."

"So far?"

"My lord and grandfather, you will skip ahead yourself and leap over all those centuries where nothing much of interest happens. Nothing much of interest to you, at least."

"Why were you sent back here?"

"Well, for one thing, I've died on Earth, then, and you, up there, have a rule that our second life must be lived out here in Heaven."

"Second life? You're immortal?"

"Not really, Lord. But if we are killed, it's a small thing for Binah to reach back to just before it happens and let us start over, maybe do something different that doesn't get us killed. And that brings me, in a roundabout way, to the real reason I'm here, which is to greatly improve the outcome of the council. You may not be aware that Dafla, the daughter of King Uriel, has already violated her oath as Samael knew she would."

"I knew it had to happen from the moment he proposed the thing," Li- lith said with a sigh. "It was only a matter of when, not if."

"On the first loop, milady, Dafla killed Samael with Dragonthorn just before he revealed Dafla's unfaithfulness, and the blade was seen to change and shatter as it lay buried in hyz body. After that Ariel took command of Demonstroke and set the whole council chamber ablaze."

"Who is Ariel?" Michael asked.

"She is actually my own daughter. The Historian tells me she dies some time after I did. The Historian is a human male named Raphael who keeps track of all this stuff and even you and Binah rely on him up there to keep it all straight. You've met Ariel. She now accompanies Samael and was introduced to the council as Joy."

"So there are factions among my servants in the future?"

"There are B'nei Elohom who serve you and Binah willingly, and those who are unwilling, yet still serve, if they value their serial lives. And there is Ariel, who is entirely in the enemy's camp because she has burned all her bridges, as we say up there."

"What was the outcome of her attack?"

"She killed everyone of course, your wife, your children, even me. So this is really my third life, now that I think about it. But this time around I intend to stop Dafla from killing Samael simply by being in the right place at the right time. The diamond blade will still probably shatter, but everyone present will clearly see it is entirely Dafla's doing, not Samael's death, that does it. Knowing the vindic- tiveness of Samael, hy will probably let the lords and ladies of the council live so they can witness what the dragon does in the days to come after."


"I tell you all this, Lord Michael, that you may choose to send your family to safety before the end of the council, if anywhere in Heaven could be called safe with Demonstroke unleashed."

"I think, Gabriel, that what you say is true, that Samael will let the nobles of Heaven live to rue the fall of Dafla, which as Samael in- tended will unshackle the dragon. But more to the point, hy knows, for Lilith has already made my intentions quite clear to hym, that if my children come to harm at hyz hand or at hyz command all our covenants will be abrogated. So we will stay, all of us, and see the council to the end."

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