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Michael and Samael went on to the next step, which was to stuff them- selves with a meal prepared by Lilith. Afterward both seraphim would be hydrated and nourished only by intravenous means.

When living stars mate the male literally extends some of his living substance across the shortcut in space-time that bypasses the parsecs of real space separating him from the female. The sensation is ecstat- ic beyond all reason but it is only available to him by mating.

For female elohim the pleasure comes from her living substance being compressed to accommodate the male, which culminates when their living star-stuff merges to form a third individual. But mating is not the sole means of obtaining this compression. She can indulge herself. Put another way, female elohim could masturbate while males could not. Evolution drove this adaption. The female could postpone having inter- course until she found the most suitable mate. Males, in a perpetual state of blue balls, were motivated to make themselves suitable.

For thousands of years Chokhmah had resorted to this expedient, al- though never while in union with the seraph Michael, since the activi- ty captured her full attention to the exclusion of attending to the basic needs of living as an elyon. But now it was safe to do so.

Chokhmah did the thing once more and felt the organized living nuclear matter that was herself pile up in density, leaving a large area empty in the thin layer of the core where she existed. At the same time Ket- er pushed into her as well, unaware of the ongoing sabotage.

This is what was supposed to happen:

Eight to ten cycles of Keter pushing his substance into Chokhmah over several months, with each cycle culminating in a spherical wave that rang out from the star Sol at the speed of light, seeking a wild F, G, or K sun to germinate.

This is what happened instead:

One cycle of Keter pushing his living substance into Chokhmah over the course of three weeks, culminating in the germination of his eloah daughter in the habitable layer of Sol that had been emptied out by Chokhmah by pleasuring herself first.

The deed was done and Michael, who went into it prepared, was the first to come back to hymself in Anshar. Far away hyz half of the stellar body which hy now shared with a daughter was beginning to transform permanently into male and that brought an abrupt end to the mating.

Lilith helped Michael remove all the catheters, tubes, and needles, get dressed, then gave hym the first hot, solid food hy had taken in three weeks. Hy was pleased to find hy suffered no bedsores. Lilith and Leliel had done well in repositioning hyz body during the coma.

Michael still had his commitment to bring Samael through the coma as well, but only to the point where hy could recover on hyz own. Keter was beginning to realize what had happened and grew more wroth by the moment. The anger would carry through to Samael when hy awoke.

When Samael did awaken hy would find hyz garments cleaned and folded neatly by hyz bed, lukewarm chicken, rice, and greens, plus hot ground outside where Michael, Lilith, and Leliel had just moments before made their exit to the land of Rammon by means of the avatar of Chokhmah.

During the following year Chokhmah's offspring (whom he named Binah in sounds intelligible to Lilith and Leliel) grew in awareness as a new- born eloah. Mother and daughter shared a single body and Chokhmah had never heard of a similar situation in all of the lore of El Elyon.

Chokhmah learned she could communicate with Binah through direct phys- ical contact in a way that was fundamentally different from the way Keter must do so through a foldline. Binah could never sever the bridge to har father, but she did ensure that no information or sub- stance was ever passed along in either direction. Binah would never establish a fold-door with Keter.

It was Chokhmah's first real victory. The harem scheme of Keter and Daat had come to an abrupt end, at least on the branch that ran through Chokhmah. Binah had been conceived with Daat already designat- ed as her future mate, but after Chokhmah's sabotage that was never to be.

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