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For his wedding gift to Robyn, Peter Two Feathers appointed her the Apostle of the End Dome Church in the place of Lee Hansen, who had led the faithful into schism. This he did with the same absolute authority that he used to permit her to marry Jerry Shy Bear.

For his wedding gift to Jerry, Peter Two Feathers bequeathed to him the Golden Gift itself, without which Lee Hansen had no Church no matter what he did or said.

Jerry was almost afraid to touch the relic. Sir, no, this is our most sacred object!

Peter squeezed the Golden Gift to extend the purple beam of annihilation and demonstrate how it worked. This is a tool. With it you will be able to move underground as easily as you move through the air. No walls, no safe, no fortress made by man will be inaccessible to you. And he allowed the beam to retract, and placed the weapon in Jerry's hand.

Please show it to me, Jerry, Robyn said, and she extended her own hand, because when Peter was waving the weapon around she had seen something that sparked her curiosity. In the butt of the handle, the Golden Gift had the same hexagonal cup of 55 pins that were poking out of the back of Robyn's own head.

She unwrapped the Purple Cable that she had stolen from Hanford and had been wearing as a belt. Then she plugged one end into the base of her skull, where it met her neck. Then, after a moment of hesitation, she plugged the other end of the Purple Cable into the Golden Gift.

And instantly a direct connection was made between her and Binah. Human and star in union.

This was the moment of Incarnation. Binah poured his memories and personality into Robyn as fast as her newly modified brain could accept it.

The human mind who had been Robyn was diminished in strength to 29% of her original vividness. Her will or identity or soul no longer controlled her body. The person who had been Robyn was now outvoted but she didn't mind because there was no more original Robyn to mind.

A new person was formed on the spot, dominated by Binah by a factor of 71%. Yet this new person was influenced by the memories and personality of Robyn. Binah experienced the illusion of having been a female human being for eighteen years. Using Robyn's eyes, Binah looked at Robyn's hands, and around at Robyn's companions, and said, This will be adequate.

For Binah the elohim star, the experience of being human was more astonishing than he had anticipated. Binah the living star Proxima broke the connection by separating the Golden Gift from the Purple Cable, and he would silently contemplate the countless new things he knew until the next contact was made.

For Binah the human woman, it was all quite routine. Robyn-within would have found the experience of simultaneously being a woman and a star astonishing, but there was no more individual Robyn-within to be astonished. Yet it suited the new Binah/Woman to keep calling herself Robyn.

The first thing she said after breaking the connection was, Peter, I made this little toy, and I approve of your choice to give it to Jerry.

The Prophet realized he was now standing in the presence of his deity and sank to his knees.

This seemed to annoy Robyn a little bit. Please get back up, Peter, I'm the friendliest god you'll ever meet. Formality is so boring.

Then you are a god? Dory asked, not quite sure she understood what she heard.

Well, if you want to get technical, I'm a star, actually. The closest one. They call it Proxima Centauri.

Jerry was incredulous. I'm married to a star?

A star-woman maybe. It's still me in here, Jerry. I'm still Robyn. But now I'm also Binah and we're going to have so much fun. She moved in to embrace Jerry because a hug said a thousand words. He could feel it. She was still Robyn.

It was getting dark now. Robyn asked Peter to drive them all back to Franklin, and promised to fill them in on the way.

There was so much to say Robyn hardly knew where to start. In the two hours they had, she could only touch on the highlights, such as how the elohim were a living species no more or less divine than human beings were. She said, Like humans, there was a time when elohim were not, but this was long ago, when were much closer together.

She spoke of three other earths at Alpha Centauri where branches of the human family had been transplanted from Earth. These were the nephilim, adapted to survive on deadly Gorpai. But they are not yet so different from the original human stock that we cannot interbreed, Robyn told them.

She spoke of her arrangement with a star named Belial who granted Robyn- Binah access to the knowledge of all the elohim even as he kept Chokmah, El Shaddai and Bat-El utterly in the dark. He did this because he knew Binah was perfectly capable of sending an angel through real space to Ross 154 in only a few years and talking directly to an elohim who was not under Belial's control.

In return for the access, Binah was never to reveal what Belial was doing here to any other elohim. But that arrangement did not preclude telling the humans or nephilim (which is how Chokhmah, El Shaddai and Bat-El learned some of it, second-hand), nor did the bargain prevent Binah from transferring some the knowledge of the elohim, acquired over billions of years, to any of the planet-dwellers. And that is what I now propose to do, if you help me, Robyn said. The world will never be the same again.

On Robyn's direction, Peter took them by a woods road to the sacred pool at the base of End Dome. The only light was provided by the headlights of Peter's car parked at the gap in the ring earth mound around the pool.

She came close to Hunky and Dory, who were holding hands of course. Robyn laid her own hand on theirs. If this means what I think it does, then congratulations to you too.

Hunky beamed. Thanks, Robyn!

How was it?

Dory could only say, Wow!

Robyn smiled. I know we've been apart for too long, but you'll have to wait a little longer. I need you to do something for me.

You name it, Hunky said.

I need you, somehow, to get that white thing we found in the rock mound under the Temple.

The one with the needles that pop out? Dory asked, to make sure.

That's the one.

How are we supposed to carry it without getting poked ourselves? Hunky asked.

You'll figure something out, Robyn said. She gave Hunky the keys to Peter's car and she gave Dory the Purple Cable.

Why do you need this white thing, didn't you make it? Dory asked.

I don't need to use it, I need it to keep anyone else from using it.

That makes sense!

Robyn kissed both of them, and walked over to the edge of the pond where Jerry, Peter, and Deborah were waiting. She asked them all to have faith and follow her. Then she entered the icy pool with all her clothes on, inverting herself and kicking her feet to reach the bottom. They all followed after Robyn. Hunky and Dory were left standing alone.

They took Peter's station wagon to another part of the woods, near an abandoned mine shaft entrance that had never been boarded up, and left it there. Searchers would assume Robyn was hiding inside, and that would occupy them for a good while.

Hunky's plan involved the same deacon of the Church who had found them inside the cubby hole and locked up the supply room to keep them from returning. Dory would doll herself up and distract him with a little sex appeal while Hunky ransacked his office and got the key.

It worked perfectly. Dory was quite the slut when she wanted to be, chatting the deacon up with her suggestive talk while sitting close to the deacon in a Temple pew and letting the hem of her skirt rise just so. Meanwhile Hunky tried all the keys and found the one that opened the door to the supply room, which she removed from the chain before returning the rest of the keys to their exact original position in the deacon's office.

Everything was set for that evening. They would come to the sanctuary in the middle of the night to pray, then after making sure no one was watching, they would unlock the supply room, get the Artifact, and scram. Dory stored a flashlight in her purse to get ready for the raid. They never needed to do any of it.

The FBI had found Peter's car of course, and searched the network of mine shafts accessed by that old entrance, but they found nothing. It was like Robyn had dropped off the face of the earth. In their frustration, they set fire to the Temple, and razed the entire structure to the ground. And this was the abomination that makes desolate.

Overnight the entire End Dome Church became an outlaw cult subject to official persecution from the United States government. Lee Hansen's people had said too much and now Earl Roland didn't just want Robyn, he wanted the Golden Gift.

The following day Hunky and Dory shifted through the ashes on the very summit of End Dome. The rocky cairn had protected the Artifact from the immolating fire well enough. When they saw the white sphere laying inside there, open like a clam shell, they noticed there was handle inside each open section, which would permit it to be carried without drawing near to the outer surface and being skewered by a needle. Later, when they had the device well hidden in the woods near the sacred pool, they allowed themselves to be skewered by the thing anyway, so they could be just like Robyn.

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