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-A-5-A-Title Card: PARADISE - DATE AND TIME INDETERMINATE 0-A-5-B-LANGE is well enough to walk. He is brought to a seated YESHUA, who invites him also to sit. 0-A-5-C-They are seated in chairs around a small table on a deck of wood, but they are outdoors. 0-A-5-D-YESHUA: “Who do you say that I am, Mark Lange?” 0-A-5-E-LANGE recognizes the question from scripture. “You are the Christ, the son of the living God.” 0-A-5-F-LANGE stands up out of respect, but YESHUA waves for him to sit back down. 0-A-5-G-When LANGE is reseated YESHUA says: “You did that on remarkably few clues. Most people look for a beard.” 0-A-5-H-LANGE: “Say what you will have me do, Lord Jesus.” 0-A-5-I-YESHUA: “Yeshua, please. Not Jesus. The Greeks thought ‘Yeshua’ was too girly and made it Iesous…” 0-A-5-J-YESHUA: “Then later the English thought Iesous was too girly and made it Jesus.” 0-A-5-K-Servants bring a pane of glass and set it down between Yeshua and Lange. 0-A-5-L-YESHUA: “Words will appear on this glass. You will cause them to be bound into a book.” 0-A-5-M-YESHUA: “You will call this book the Holy Buron, and it will be the scripture of your flock when you return.” 0-A-5-N-LANGE: “When I return? So I am not dead?” 0-A-5-O-YESHUA: “No, you are not dead. But you will be returned to where and when you were taken...” 0-A-5-P-YESHUA: “...the last day of the largest battle in the American Civil War. Go home, but take care when you do.” 0-A-5-Q-LANGE: “I am to go home, and bind these into a book called the Buron.” 0-A-5-R-YESHUA: “Only a first edition, of course. What you and your flock do will extend the book, if you agree.” 0-A-5-S-LANGE: “Command me, Yeshua.” 0-A-5-T-YESHUA: “You will gather as many as will go with you and journey to the Nebraska Territory...” 0-A-5-U-YESHUA: “...to a place called Yellow Mountain. There you will find a group of native people to baptize…” 0-A-5-V-YESHUA: “...you will know these people by a sign: They shall, to a man, speak your own tongue…” 0-A-5-W-YESHUA: “...you will be one flock to me, both red and white.” 0-A-5-X-YESHUA stands up. Mark LANGE stands up immediately after, then kneels. 0-A-5-Y-LANGE: “It will be as you have said, Lord Yeshua.” 0-A-5-Z-YESHUA bids LANGE to rise and takes him arm-in-arm.

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Strangers In Paradise